Aliquam Vitae (was Mishief Managed

Aliquam Vitae (was Mishief Managed

Basically you may or may not know I have some mad love for the Marauders and what you shouldn't know is that I'm real bored right now and should be doing math but instead I'm doing this. Lucky you! So another Marauder Fanfic.

Name: Max Edwards
House: Gryffindor-easier
Blood: Pure
Personality: Fun, lovable, caring, loyal, brave and a bit of a tease
Friends: Marauders, Clair, Edgar Lily
Hair: Long wavy Black
Eyes: Crystal Blue

Chapter 1

Insanity and why I love mine.
“Max get down from there,” as per usual my overprotective mother was screeching at me to get out of my tree house.
“No mother,” I said in my most innocent voice, batting my lashes her and smiling my sweetest smile.
“Maxine Edwards if you aren’t on the ground in five seconds you will regret it,” I honestly didn’t see what the big problem was it was a small house in the branches of two alternating trees, ok yes it was a little unstable and fell two days ago while Logan-my older brother- was in it. But why did that suddenly make it a terrible place for me two jus relax? “Five,” she put on her stern voice.
Sighing I jumped off my little lair and landed right in front of her face just as she said, “Four.”
“Max, stop going up there your father’s taking it down in a couple of hours, it’s not safe,” she said pulling me into one of her smothering I can’t breathe at all hugs.
“Ok ok I cave, where’s the Log,” I called my dear brother that for his natural laziness, each and every I saw him his dark brown hair was in a mess looking as if he just woke up, and it was likely that he did.
“Shed with your dad,” she said while letting me go but still holding my shoulders. “You may won’t to go in to the kitchen first,” walking away her hair like mine was long, wavy and black whenever either of us were walking it would cascade behind us like a waterfall. Giving her a questioning look, y mind was running with thoughts of what it could be, the new broom I’d asked for, that vintage pendant form Angus, a cat? But no sitting on the marble bench was a small crumpled weathered letter, with my name neatly scribed in the middle. Is it? I thought. Hurrying forwards I tore open the letter eating it word for word.
“Yes,” I cried out, doing a little dance around the kitchen table. “I’m going to Hogwarts, I’m going to Hogwarts.” Looking over I saw my parents leaning against the door, mum had her hand over her heart and looked as if she would cry, dad was behind her smiling widely his blue eyes shining like the moon.
“Guess I’m stuck with you then next year,” Logan said tackling me to the floor.
“Why yes Log you are,” turning so I pinned him down, and scrumpled his already tangled mess of hair.

And there you go the first chapter in this random tale of Harry Potters History. Please Comment helps lots!

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