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i give credit to whoever it needs to go to

Chapter 2

Story updates

Okay I have a lot of story stuff.........

I am working on the new chapter for What's Next and I'm almost done

I am also working on a new chapter for Scarred: A Harry Potter Love story but i'm not close to done, don't jugde me i'm doing a lot of other stuff and I'm not good at working on stuff without a deadline

I am working on a new story called Remembering Gabrielle it's the new marauder's era story and a sirius black love story that I talked about in the last chapter

I am working on another marader's era story called Howl it's a Remus Lupin love story and Is further along than the others despite the fact that I started it a couple hours ago

I also thought of another Marauder's era story title and it is "I'll love you when Lily and James get married"

That's all for now :)

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