Questioning (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

I can't believe I'm doing this. I hate Draco Malfoy. I litterally flinched when I typed the title. Please forgive my grammar and spelling mistakes. I should try to pay attention in English this year. As always, I love comments! Since I'm not the best writer, I would adore constructive criticism :)

Chapter 6

Kill Me Now

"Create an antidote? How the bloody hell are we supposed to do that?" Ron looked at his phial of poison. "Slughorn's gone mad!"
"Looks like the Prince isn't going to help you this time," Hermione said smugly.
I sighed and examined my phial. It was dark green. Green and I have a love/hate relationship. Green- Harry's eyes, trees, grass, sour apple candy. Green- Slytherin. Draco. Oh, god.
Lately, everything reminds me of him. It kind of sucks. I find myself randomly muttering, "I hate you," and "Go die," when he pops in my head. I had a dream the other night where he was brutally murdered. I am officially disturbed.
"This is imposibble," I said blandly to Ron. "We can't. We just can't There is no way to accomplish this."
"I know," He looked at Harry. "Are you sure the prince doesn't have any tips?"
"I'll check," Harry ruffled through the book in a frenzy.
Hermione, meanwhile, was throwing ingredients in her cauldron like there was no tomorrow. I'm pretty sure that a chunk of her own hair was in it.
My antitode was a watery, pink-ish liquid. I stared at it for a few minutes.
"You disgrace me," I told it.
I'm losing my mind.
"Harper," Hermione said cautiously, "did you just talk to your potion?"
"Yes. Yes I did."
Harry and Ron looked at me like I'd gone mental. Which, of course, I had.
"Time is up!" Slughorn said happily. He waddled over to see what the lovely young Gryffindors and Slytherins had cooked up.
I glanced around the room. To my relief, everyone else seemed to have had just as much trouble as me. Ron's smelled like rotten eggs, Seamus' was smoking dangerously, and Millicent Bulstrode's was seemingly alive.
"What do we have here?" Slughorn looked at my sad potion. "Eh, passable,"He shrugged and moved on.
Draco's got a look of disgust and a shake of the head. And to top that off, he had spilled something like cat vomit on his robes. I laughed gleefully in my head at that.
"Class dismissed!" Slughorn said and hurried into his office. Most likely to escape the horrid fumes that filled the classroom.
In my rush to get out, I didn't close my bag all of the way and everything spilled out.
"No, you go, I'll be fine," I waved away Harry and Hermione as they tried to help. Ron was already out the door, as lunch was next.
I quickly gathered my things as the rest of the class shuffled out, holding my breath.
Soon, I was alone. Finally, with everything packed up and shut tight, I trudged to the Great Hall.
On my way there, however, I was stopped by none other than Draco.
He was rubbing his robes with a towel where the cat-sick was frantically.
"You okay?" I asked him.
"No! Goyle, the blithering idiot, knocked over his antidote. Guess where it landed!" He laughed derisively.
"Don't talk about your friend that way!" I scolded.
He stopped rubbing for a moment and smirked at me. "You so should've been a Hufflepuff."
"Never say that again!" I screeched. "I am not a Hufflepuff!"
"I dunno," He said doubtfully. "The Sorting Hat can make mistakes."
"Okay, well the hat did kind of consider it. But decided Gryffindor, thank the Lord," I said quietly.
"You could've been a badger." Draco found this quite funny, apparently.
"Yeah, haha, and you're the one with cat-sick on your robes. And it doesn't look like its coming out. "
"It won't!" Draco's happy mood vanished suddenly. He pointed at the wet towel. "I've tried!"
Should I embrance my Gryffindor? Or my inner Hufflepuff?
Option 2 won out.
"Come with me," I grumbled.
"Where?" He asked suspiciously.
"Well, I might be able to find someone that could help."
I led him to the kitchens where the house-elves worked.
"Why are you petting a painting?"
"It's not petting! It's tickling!" I said sheepishly.
The pear giggled and the door opened.
"House-elves?" Draco exclaimed.
All of the elves turned there heads toward us.
"Hello!" One said loudly.
"Miss Lewis!" Lemon's adorable voice sqeaked.
With all of the house-elves cheers, the one wearing a tea cozy, Dobby, screeched in fear.
"Dobby? What's wrong?" I walked briskly across the room to see why he was screaming at me.
"Dobby?" Draco said in disbelief.
"Miss Lewis! What is you doing with Master Malfoy?" Dobby gulped.
"How you know Draco?"
"He used to be my family's house-elf, until Potter set him free," Draco glared at Dobby.
"Oh yeah!" It dawned on me. "In our second year!"
Dobby was practically cowering in fear as Draco eyed him.
"Don't look at him like that!" I snapped, hitting Draco's arm.
"Oh, thank you, Miss Lewis!" Dobby said, but still petrified.
"I'm going to find Lemon, I need her help," I told Dobby and smiled kindly. "Don't worry, he's a lot nicer than he was when he was twelve."

"Miss Lewis! What do you need?" Lemon said brightly. "I is here to help!"
"My friend over here," I motioned to Draco, "spilled something on his robes and it won't come off. I was wondering if maybe you could.." I stopped talking, Lemon was already running away to a cupboard and pulling out ingredients.
Ten minutes later, she presented us with a large amount of slimy, orange much.
"This will help!" Lemon handed it to us.
"Thank you so much, Lemon! He really freaks out over his clothes," I whispered.
"I'm right here."
"I'm aware," I tried to immitate his sneer.
"Nice face," He chuckled.
"I know! It's gorgeous!" I flipped my hair vainly.

"I think we'll need to use water with it," I said.
"I'd hope so. I don't want that sludge near me without something to wash it off with."
"Don't be a wimp," I said and shoved him into the nearest bathroom and stood outside.
"Just wash it off." I handed him the jar of cleaner.
"Am I supposed to pick it up with my hands?" Draco said, repulsed.
"I assume so," I laughed inwardly at him picking it up.
"Can't we just take it back to the kitchens and let them do it?" He whined.
"No! They've done enough for us! Just do it!" I said into the bathroom. "And hurry up! I'm starving!" It dawned on me that he didn't ask me to stay, I could just leave.
"Oh it's disgusting!" His voice rang out.
"Just grit your teeth and do it!" I shouted, exasperated. Finally, I just walked in. "Wimp." I muttered and scooped some of the sludge from the jar and slopped it on his robe.
"It smells like oranges!" I sniffed. "Excellent!"
"I take it you like oranges?" He raised his eyebrows.
"They're amazing!" I reached for a towel and ran warm water over it.
I smelled my hand. "You should've scooped it up, Draco! My hand smells great now! And I think it moisturizes!"
Draco smiled in amusement.
I picked up the towel and scrubbed at the stain. "You sure are high maintenace!"
"I've been told."
Suddenly, I was aware of how close he was. Too close for comfort.
Blue eyes met green.
He kissed me.
And I kissed back.
My final conclusion: I am going to kill myself. And I'm a Hufflepuff, as I didn't punch him.
Yeah, I'm done for.

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