Questioning (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

I can't believe I'm doing this. I hate Draco Malfoy. I litterally flinched when I typed the title. Please forgive my grammar and spelling mistakes. I should try to pay attention in English this year. As always, I love comments! Since I'm not the best writer, I would adore constructive criticism :)

Chapter 5

I Have A Stalking Problem

"Apparition lessons!" Ron exclaimed as we walked into the Great Hall together.
"I'm kind of nervous about it, though. It seems pretty difficult," I admitted and took a seat next to Seamus.
"C'mon, how hard can it be?" Ron reached for some toast. "And what do you know about apparition? You're muggle-born?"
"I can read!" I said defensively.
Seamus snorted. "Or she lives in the same room as Hermione."
"That... just might be true," I smiled.
"Won-Won!" An incredibly annoying voice called out behind me.
Before I could react, Lavender sat down beside me.
"You aren't wearing your necklace!" She accused him and reached for his hand.
"I, well, you see.." Ron trailed off to silence.
"He put it a box to keep it safe," I jumped in. "We don't want it to get damaged."
Ron gave me a look of thanks. "Yeah, that. I mean, who knows what could happen to it at this bloody school?"
"Well, I still think you should wear it more!" She whined. "We can't let all the girls get the impression that you're not taken!" Lavender giggled and stood up. "I have to go, I said I'd meet Parvarti!" She took off.
"She's a keeper, Ron," Seamus said.
"Definitely!" I agreed. "Who couldn't love her?"
"Oh, and by the way, what necklace?" Seamus smiled mischievioulsy.
"Nothing," Ron snapped.
"Oh, its horrendous!" I gladly answered.
"Shut it, Harper!" Ron said, but I kept talking.
"It's a gigantic gold heart with 'My Sweetheart' on it! Absolutely awful!"
As I continued, Ron's face began to change. It was priceless. Confused, betrayed, annoyed, angry, and embarassed all rolled into one.
Seamus started laughing, and once he gets started, you can't shut him up. Of course, people were glancing our way. The Ravenclaws looked disdainful, the Hufflepuffs interested, and the Slytherins distasteful.
I looked to the left above Ron's shoulder. One Slytherin was just looking. At me. It was Draco. From a table away, our eyes met, I stopped laughing and blushed.
"What?" Ron asked, noticing my blush and frown.
"Nothing," I looked down and brushed my hair back from my face.
Draco got up from his seat and walked out of the Great Hall. It was obvious he was trying to look inconspicuous.
"I'm gonna head off." I said. I took one last sip of juice and followed him out.
I've been following people a lot lately. I need to work on that.
Draco was walking out of the castle, toward the lake.
"Draco!" I called before I could stop myself.
He whipped around and his face turned into a sneer. "What?"
"Just wanted to say hi!" I said brightly. "How is your day going so far?"
Like my mother always said, Kill 'em with kindness. For Draco, it seemed to work.
"Horrible," He said through his teeth.
"But let me guess, it just got better since I arrived! Right?"
"Quite the opposite, actually."
"Ouch. You're cutting me deep, Draco."
We kept walking towards the lake and he didn't respond.
"Can I ask you a question? Like, a serious question?" Draco said suddenly.
Oh, crap. This won't end well. Say no! Say no! "Of course."
He didn't say anything. We just kept walking until we'd reached the lake. Draco sat down. I chose to stand.
"Why are you so interested in everything I do? And when I insult you you don't react? You're just so calm." He asked, staring across the water.
No way. Are these words actually coming out of Draco Malfoy? How odd. The world is about to end.
"I don't like fights. Or disagreements."
"First Gryffindor to say that," He muttered and threw a rock in the water.
"Well, the Slytherins usually start the fight. I mean, the Gryffindors are just bystanders. Civilians affected by the horrible reality of mean people dressed in green." I said innocently.
Draco looked up at me and halfway smiled. "You know thats not true."
"Okay, so maybe we start it. Occasionally. But not often!"
"Please," Draco got to his feet, "You are the ones with the taunting and saying we're all bad and going to be Death Eaters and support The Dark Lord. You don't know that"
"Okay, you do have a point," I admitted, thinking about Harry being convinced of Death Eater Draco. "But we do, too! You were the one who marched up to Harry demanding he drop Ron and be friends with you our first year."
"I did not demand anything. I simply pointed out that some wizards might be higher caliber than some."
"Which is a total lie!" I was beginning to get offended, being a muggle-born.
"I'm not so sure," He said into the distance.
'Look at Hermione! Look at me! She has the highest marks in the school! And the other day I disarmed you and attacked you!"
"Thats because Granger is the only person at Hogwarts who studies. And I wasn't ready!" Draco defended himself.
"You're such a boy!" I slapped his arm playfully.
Somehow, this conversation had turned from awkward, to nice, to rude, to joking in the course of a few minutes.
Draco looked incredibly stubborn, like he was forcing himself to pretend not to care about anything I said.
"It's not a sin to smile," I said kindly.
"Where I come from, it is."
I spread out my arms and spun around once. "Well, you're at Hogwarts! You are allowed to crack a smile!"
"How do you know that the person who says I can't smile isn't at Hogwarts?"
"Well obviously, they aren't here right this second. Just me. And I won't tell anyone that you were seen smiling. Even though that is just such a scandal that the whole school will want to know." I raised my eyebrow.
He looked at me for a second, in deep thought. "You're not normal, are you?"
"Nope!" I giggled. "And right about now, I would be cracking a joke, but I have no sense of humor. As much as I tried, I was never able to channel Fred and George."
"I think you're pretty funny." He reasoned.
"Funny how? Funny, like odd? Funny like fun to laugh at? Or funny like just plain humorous?"
"A combination of all three," Draco told me and began walking back to the castle.
"I'm flattered!" I quickly followed him.
The two of us walked in silence to the stone steps of the castle.
Both of us stopped at the door and faced each other.
"Er, I have Charms." I said quietly. "Better head out."
"Yeah, I have Transfiguration."
"See you, then," I looked in his pretty eyes one last time and left.

The only reason I'm talking to him is for Harry. Thats it. Just to investigate. See if Harry's right. Not because I want to. Not because I enjoy being around him. Nothing like that. Just for Harry. For Harry. The boy I've loved since the very first day. Not Draco. For Harry.

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