Questioning (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

I can't believe I'm doing this. I hate Draco Malfoy. I litterally flinched when I typed the title. Please forgive my grammar and spelling mistakes. I should try to pay attention in English this year. As always, I love comments! Since I'm not the best writer, I would adore constructive criticism :)

Chapter 4

Slughorn's Christmas Party

"It looks..... festive," I said as I walked into Professor Slughorn's office. It was his Christmas party. Hangings were on the wall so it looked like we were in a huge tent, lights with real fairies inside were strewn across the ceiling, and mistletoe was everywhere. The room was crowded and stuffy and house-elves were negotiating their way through the room carrying platters of food.
"A little too much for my taste," Neville Longbottom, my date, answered.
We carefully maneuvered our way through the crowd until I saw a familiar messy head of hair.
"Harry!" I called.
"Hey, Harper, Neville," He and Luna came over to us.
"I love your dress Luna," I told her. I did actually, it was silver with stars all over it. It fit her personality perfectly. "Seen Hemione lately?"
"Last I saw her she was with McLaggen."
I looked around for her. "I still can't believe she actually asked him."
"There she is! And I think she regrets her descision," Harry smirked. Sure enough, Hermione was coming to us with a look of disgust on her face.
"Ugh!" She groaned when she reached us. "I've just had to endure "A Hundred Great Saves Made by Cormac McLaggen!"
"Nice, I told you not to do it."
"Shove off, Harper," Hermione said moodily.
I raised my eyebrows. "I think I'll go get some punch."
"I'll come, too," Harry followed me.
"Someone's in a bad mood," I said.
"It's not our fault she's going out with a troll,"
"I know! She-"
"I found this one lurking in the upstairs corridor! He claims to have been invited to this party!" the wheezy voice of Filch announced. Draco Malfoy was being dragged near us by Filch, looking furious.
"All right!" He wrenched himself free of Filch's grip. "I was gate-crashing, happy?"
"No, I'm not! Did Dumbledore give you permission to be prowling around the castle at night boy, eh? " Filch said with glee.
"Oh, Argus, it's all right," said Slughorn waving his hand around. "It's Christmas! You may stay if you wish, Draco."
"I'd like a word with Mr. Malfoy, if I may," Professor Snape appeared out of nowhere.
"Now Severus, don't be too hard on him," Slughorn chuckled.
"I'm his head of house, and I will decide how hard, or otherwise, to be. Come along Draco," He said curtly.
"I'll be back. Er, bathroom," Harry followed Snape and Draco.
"Yeah, I'll stay here! I'm sure you're going to the bathroom and not stalking Malfoy!" I said back sarcastically. He was already gone.
"Like he thinks I'm staying here," I said to myself and took off after them.
Ahead of me, Harry discreetly pulled out his invisibility cloak and threw it on. Great. I walked out into the corridor.
"Harry!" I whispered. "Harry Potter! I know you're here!"
"Harper!" His head appeared a few feet away from me. "Be quiet!"
"I will if you move over," I said and stepped under the cloak.
"How'd you know I was here?"
"Do I look like and idiot? Now which way did they go?" I asked.
"To the left." We tried to walk quietly until we heard voices coming from an empty classroom and crouched by the keyhole.
".....cannot afford mistakes, Draco, because if you are expelled-"
"I didn't have anything to do with it, all right?"
"I hope you are telling the truth it was both clumsy and foolish and you are already suspected to have a hand in it."
"For the last time, I didn't do it! That Bell girl must have an enemy she doesn't know about! Don't look at me like that, I know what your doing!"
"Aunt Bellatrix has been teaching you Occlumency, I see. What thoughts are you trying to conceal from your master, Draco?"
"I'm not concealing anything from him, just from you!"
"I made the Unbreakable Vow to your mother that I would protect you!"
"I don't need protection! It's my job, he gave it to me! You just want to steal my glory!"
"Draco, you are speaking like a child! I understand that your father's imprisonment has upset you but-"
"Move!" I shoved Harry to the side hearing Malfoy's footsteps coming toward the door. The door burst open and Malfoy was striding out of sight. Snape slowly emerged from the classroom. His expression unreadable, he went back to the party.
"I told you! I told you!" Harry said loudly.
I took the cloak off. "I'm going to the common room. Tell Neville that I had a stomach ache or something."

I ran to the bathroom that Draco was in last night. It was empty.

"Bauble," I told the Fat Lady.
"Exactly," She swung open. I sprinted upstairs to the boys dormitory and opened the door to Harry and Ron's room. It was pitch black.
"Lumos," I whispered and light flooded the room. Then I realized I was in a room with three sleeping boys who would be very angry if I woke them up. "Nox," The room went black again. Ron grunted in his sleep. I felt my way over to Harry's trunk and reached inside it, image of spiders filling my head. I grabbed a large piece of paper and tip-toed out of there room.
"Solemnly swear that I am up to no good." The Marauder's Map unfolded and I searched for Draco. He on the sixth floor. Then he.. disappeared.
"What?! No!" I punched the air. "Crap! Ugh!"
Wait, sixth floor... unplottable... "The Room of Requirement!" I squealed and ran down the stairs.
"Where are you off to, again?" The Fat Lady yelled at me.
I ran all the way to the Room of Requirement. Needless to say, I could barely breathe by the time i got there. I checked the map, Draco was nowhere to be seen, so he was in there.
I sat down on the left of the door and watched the map. Slughorn's party was still going strong. Hermione was constantly moving away from McLaggen's. Neville was with Luna and Harry. Filch was far away from me, so I was safe. Dumbledore was pacing in his office.
What seemed like hours later, a familiar rumbling came from behind me. The door was opening. I stood up, stuffed the map in my pocket, and leaned against the wall so he wouldn't see me.
Two seconds later, he came out cautiously.
"Hi, Draco," I said cheerfully.
He jumped about a foot in the air. "What are you doing here?" He sneered.
"Just taking a midnight stroll, you know how it is."
"Get out of here!"
"Fine. No need to be so angry all the time, Draco. It really turns people off," I turned and felt something white-hot race by my ear.
Whipping around, I grabbed my wand and thought, Levicorpus.
Dracowas jerked upside down into the air. "Let me down, you filthy little mudblood!"
"Don't you dare try to curse me again, or I swear I will transfigure you back into a ferret! I'm sure you'd love that!"
Draco glared at me. I smiled at him. "I think you should apologize."
He didn't say anything.
"Okaay, well I guess you'll just be stuck here all night until someone finds you. And I guarantee that the people who would actually want to save you won't know the counter curse."
"Fine! I'm sorry alright?"
"Okay, I forgive you." Liberacorpus.
He fell to the ground painfully. "You couldn't at least conjure some cushions or something?"
"Um, no. You deserved it. I should've left you up there. And my name is not filthy little mudblood, it's Harper. "
"I know that!"
"Well act like it." I looked him in the eyes and left him standing there.

"Baubles," I said.
"Once again, exactly," The Fat Lady told me.
I put the map back in Harry's trunk and went into the girl's dorm.
"How was the party?" Lavender asked me.
"Boring, as usual."
"Not as boring as it was here," Parvarti said.
"I dunno," I said doubtfully and went to the bathrooms to take a shower, my ming still racing.

Sorry this one took so long... I went through a smallish writer's block. Anywho, I hope you enjoyed it! Tell me what you think!

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