Questioning (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

I can't believe I'm doing this. I hate Draco Malfoy. I litterally flinched when I typed the title. Please forgive my grammar and spelling mistakes. I should try to pay attention in English this year. As always, I love comments! Since I'm not the best writer, I would adore constructive criticism :)

Chapter 3

Harry's right, sort of...

I walked cautiously into the bathroom, my wand at the ready. There was a figure leaning against the sink, crying.
"Malfoy?" I gasped. He turned around quickly.
"Stupefy!" He yelled.
I blocked his curse. "Expelliarmus," I said calmly, and his wand flew out of his hand and into mine.
"Get out of here, you filthy little mudblood!" He snarled.
"You're in no postition to be calling me names, Draco!" I retorted, waving his wand.
Draco seemed to be at a loss for words. To my surprise, he fell to his knees and started crying.
"Draco?" I dropped both our wands and walked over to him. "Are you okay?" I tried to put my hand on his shoulder.
"Get away from me!" He hit my hand away.
"No, not until you tell me what's wrong. It's better to show your feelings." Oh gosh, I sound like a therapist. I'm trying to comfort Draco Malfoy! The one who I've hated since my first year. The Slytherin.
"Like I would tell you anything! You'd run off and tell yout little boyfriend Potter!" He said.
"No, I wouldn't," I kept my voice calm. "I'm pretty sure you're not gonna tell me, but even if you did, it's not my secret to tell. And he's not my boyfriend," I added as an afterthought.
He looked up met my eyes. Draco's eyes were gorgeous. Pretty and blue, they almost beat Harry's green ones. They might have, if I didn't loathe Draco.
"Why are you here?" He asked. "Usually you would be laughing at me and going to tell the rest of your crew that you found me, uh, like this,"
To be honest, on the inside I was laughing a bit. Who wouldn't?
"Don't make me look like the bad guy! How many times have you called me and Hermione mudbloods, insulted Ron's family, and tried to get Harry in trouble?"
Draco sighed. "Listen, it's just, I have a job to do, and I don't think I can do it." His voice broke.
"Don't start crying again!" I pleaded. I'm such a, a, i don't know! I just hate in when people cry! Even if it's Draco Malfoy.
"And I don't want to but I have to! I have to!"
"What's the job?" I asked. Hey, I'm still on Harry's side.
Draco shot me a look.
"Okay not there yet!" I said cheerfully and clapped my hands together. "Okay then, I hope your job goes well. Good luck with it. And, if you ever wanna talk, I'm here." What just came out of my mouth?
Draco looked up at me again. It was a tortured sort of look. And being a teenage girl, I had to notice how gray his skin looked. He had bags under his eyes and looked tired and harassed. Being the teenage girl that I am, I also noticed that he was still pretty handsome. "Well, see you around, Malfoy," I gave him an awkward, one-armed, one-sided hug. Immediately after, I blushed. I'm so stupid. I practically ran out of the room.
"Wait!" He called. "What's your name?"
Okay, I've known him for six years and he hasn't bothered to learn my name. That's another reason I hate him.
"It's Harper Lewis."
He didn't say anything. I walked until I was out of sight, then sprinted to the kitchens. I tickled the pear on the painting for the kitchens and climbled in. House-elves surrounded me.
"Hello, Miss Lewis," Lemon told me in her sqeaky voice. All the elves know me, I've gotten food loads of times.
"Hi, Lemon. How are you?"
"Lemon is very good, Miss Lewis. Are you?"
"I am, but my friend isn't, she's going through a rough time. I was wondering if you know how to make butterbeer?" I asked.
"Oh yes, of course! We will make some right away!" Lemon nodded her head enthusiastically, making her ears flop. A few elves across the room scrambled to make the drink.
"It will be only a minute, Miss," Lemon told me then took off to help.
A chair appeared out of nowhere and I sat down. I loved coming to the kitchens. The elves are just dying to wait on you, and they seemed to like it when I visited.
"Excuse me, are you a friend of Harry Potters?" An elf wearing a bright tea cozy and two different socks approached me shyly.
"Um, yes, I am."
"Oh! Dobby knows Harry Potter, too! I knows you must be great witch to be friends with Harry Potter!"
"Well, I dunno," I said
"Harry Potter is also a great wizard! He set Dobby free and-"
"Here is your butterbeer, Miss Lewis!" Lemon pushed past Dobby and handed me a tray with three butterbeers on it.
"Thanks, Lemon!" I said. "And it was great to meet you, Dobby!" I carefully climbed back out of the kitchen and headed to the classroom that Harry and Hermione were in. It was empty. They must have gone back to the Common room.
"Flibbertigget," I said to the Fat Lady.
"Uh huh," She said sleepily and swung open. Harry and Hermione were seated on the couch.
"Where were you?" Harry demanded.
"I, uh, tripped and sort of passed out," I invented wildly. "You know me, always clumsy."
"Are you okay?" Hermione asked. Her eyes were red from crying, and Harry's arms were around her. My eyes lingered there. She noticed and stood up. "You got butterbeer!"
"Yeah, the house-elves know how to make it," I said and handed her one.
"I wish you would stop stealing food from them!" She said, but accepted the butterbeer.
"It's not stealing, they give it to me! They love it when I visit!"
And so we sat for two hours steadily drinking butterbeer (our glasses kept refilling themselves) and discussing random things.
Then we fell upon the subject of Malfoy, and it started to get complicated. It was the same thing as every day. We, or Hermione tonight says theres nothing going on, Harry argues. Tonight I didn't say anything. Technically, he is up to something. That doesn't mean he's a Death Eater. I stared guiltily into the fire. I knew something. Something Harry would love to hear. I wanted to tell him so bad, but, I told Draco I wouldn't. What does that matter, though? Was I going to keep a promise to Draco Malfoy, who would betray me, kill me in a heartbeat if he had to; or Harry, who I've always loved, and he'd lay down his life for me.
"I'm going to bed," I stood up suddenly, leaving my butterbeer behind, and ran to the girls dormitory. I should tell Harry, but something is making me hold my toungue. It's not liike the job is anything dangerous. I'm sure it's just something stupid. But I was lying to myself.

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