Questioning (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

I can't believe I'm doing this. I hate Draco Malfoy. I litterally flinched when I typed the title. Please forgive my grammar and spelling mistakes. I should try to pay attention in English this year. As always, I love comments! Since I'm not the best writer, I would adore constructive criticism :)

Chapter 2

Gryfffindor vs Slytherin

"First Quidditch game!" I said as I skipped downstairs.
"I see you're excited," Hermione said.
"Of course I am! Now let's go to breakfast! I'm starved."
We were pretty early for breakfast. Harry, Ron, and a few other people were in the Great Hall already eating. Luna Lovegood had a gigantic Gryffindor lion hat that actually roared.
"Great hat, Luna!" I smiled.
"Oh, thank you Harper, I wanted to have it chewing on a Snake for Slytherin, but I didn't have time."
"Yeah it's awesome!" I sat down next to Harry.
"Isn't she in Ravenclaw?" Hermione asked.
"Yep," I nodded and poured myself some orange juice. I hate pumpkin juice, it tastes like a Muggle Christmas candle.
Across from me, Ron groaned quietly.
"You look awful," I told him truthfully. He was pale and his eyes were red.
Ron just groaned again in reply.
"Here drink this," Harry handed Ron a glass of pumpkin juice.
"Don't drink that, Ron!" Hermione suddenly said. "He put something in your drink!"
"No I didn't," Harry put something in his pocket.
"Yes, you did! Ron, don't you dare drink it!"
It seemed that Hermione telling him not to made him want to drink it more. He picked it up and drank it in two gulps.
"You could be expelled for that!"
"For what?" Harry played dumb.
"You put Felix Felicis in his drink!" Hermione cried.
"Brilliant!" I gave Harry a high-five.
"No it's not! Harper, do you agree with this?"She seemed perplexed.
"It's genius!" I said.

A loud chorus of Weasley is Our King boomed through the stadium as Ron made another a spectacular save. We were winning 50 to 0.
"Here!" I yelled to Demelza, who was about to be cornered by two opposing chasers. She threw the Quaffle to me. I flew to our goalposts and chucked it to the left goal.
"Another ten points to Gryffindor," Zacharias Smith, an annoying Hufflepuff announced.
"He's seen the snitch!" Ginny pointed down towards the Slytherin seeker. Sure enough, he was barreling down, Harry on his tail.
"Faster Harry! Come on!" I screamed.
Harry was gaining on him. "Oi, Harper! How much did Malfoy pay you to take his place?" This seemed to distract Harper for a second and he fumbled the snitch. Harry snatched it, causing an uproar.
"Gryffindor wins!" Smith cried, not very happy.
"Party in the Commom room!" Somebody yelled in the midst of our mid-air hug.

"Weasley! Weasley! Weasley!" Everyone chanted as Ron smiled smugly.
"Harry, I can't believe you did that!" Hermione said over the music.
"I didn't," Harry smiled pulled out a full bottle of Felix Felicis. "Ron only thought I did."
"So he did it all by himself?"
"Of course, Hermione! You sure have a lot of faith in him!" I said.
Hermione laughed, but stopped suddenly. Her eyes were glued to something behind me. Harry's were too,but he was smiling and she looked mortified. I whipped around and saw Ron snogging Lavender Brown in the middle of the room.
"My eyes!" I screeched and turned back around to see Harry laughing loudly. Hermione was in tears. She turned and ran out of the room.
"Come on," I grabbed Harry's arm and we took off after her. She was in the first empty classroom we came to. Birds that she conjured were flying around her.
"I'm going to nick something from the kitchens, maybe they can make some butterbeer. I'll bet one of the elves knows how," I told Harry. The corridors were deserted, and most of the paintings were alseep. While passing some of the bathrooms, I heard a crash. I stopped walking and listened closer. Just barely, you could hear someone crying.

Word of advice: Never drink pumpkin juice. It really is awful. Terrible. Please comment some more :)

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