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Chapter 1

Flute Stuffz ;D

by: Cinderkit
Hey everyone. I've begun to make flute covers for various songs on my Youtube account. I've only done one so far and it's Lugia's Song from the Pokemon 2000 movie soundtrack. :D

So which brings me to the point of this message. I'm not sure what I should cover next. I have a few songs in mind but I wan't your guys opinion in case there is any particular song you want me to cover. :)

So go ahead and leave a comment below or message me if you have a song in mind. Thanks! ;D

Link To My Youtube Page:

Link To My Lugia's Song Cover:

My Twitter:!/KomattaCho (yes, I got a new twitter lol)

My Facebook:

*Whenever I come out with a new cover I will post it on Twitter/Facebook so you can follow/friend me if you want. :3*

*P.S. If anyone knows a website where I can download FREE Harry Potter music please send me the link and I would love you forever!! :D*


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