When You Figure Out Where You Are Things Become Different. Shelly, And Kathy's Interesting Switch

Two Girls Change What They Think About Life When Something Strange Happens..

Chapter 1


Shelly: Brave, Outgoing, Best Friends With Her Sister Kathy. And Boyfriend Alejandro.
Kathy: Smart, Nice, Adventurous, Arch Enemies With Alejandro.
Alejandro: Dashing, Strong,(Loves Shelly,)
Haley: School Girl, Friends With Shelly And Kathy, Loyal.
Mr. Mackinnon. Shelly And Cathy's Father\WWE Champion.
Mrs. Mackinnon. Shelly And Kathys Mother. Great Cook, Embarrassing!
Jenny: Know It All! Dumb Blonde, Head Captain Of The Cheer Squad.
Mr. Felix, Teacher,
Twila, Mysterious, Kind, Into Science.

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