Devil's Bite (Draco Malfoy Love Story)

uh, my first fan fic. don't judge me >.>
so i really have no clue why i am doing this or what the plot will be. usually i plan this stuff out but with this one i have no phucking clue what the HELLL i'm doing.
always awkward.
yeah... so i don't think i'm really going along with the real story. like i said, i don't know.
feel free to, you know, comment or message me some ideas.
so comment, rate, fr, and favourite. and stuff.


Chapter 1


by: dobby
I remember the simple conversation that my father had given me two months back. It seemed like a lovely idea to him, but I found it heartless. "Daughter," he has said, not even addressing me by my own name. Had he already forgotten? "I have yet to announce to you some exciting news."
We were sat in the living of our flat in Norway. We were a travelling family, seeing as my father always had business with the Ministry. Because of that I was never good with keeping friends, which then grew my independence that my parents admired.
Mum sat with her leg crossed over the other on the seat next to Dad. "Go on," I urged. "Tell me, then." This subject frightened me. When my father had talked about something "exciting", it hardly was for me.
Mum and Dad smiled at each other, as if they somehow saw the non-existant eagerness in my eyes. "We're moving to England." Dad finally revealed.
I froze, my frown coming. "W - what?"
Mum lay a hand on my knee. "Your father got a promotion. The job is in London, and what a great place to be, hm?"
"And get this," He looked ecstatic. "It's permanent."
"Permanent?" I asked. "What in the world do you mean when you sat that?"
Mum spoke up. "He means we'll be staying there for more than a year." She giggled, her smile bubbling.
I was truly bitter on the matter of moving yet again. I still had boxes to unpack from our move to this part of Norway six months ago. I'd learned a while ago not to unpack some of my boxes, though. It wasn't worth the work making my partial room look like home.
But every time the "exciting" news came, my parents both looked so... happy. Their expressions were as if nothing could bring them down, that there was a new adventure to withhold. So I had to at least act delighted. "London," I repeated after my mother. "That's brilliant."
Dad clapped once. "I knew you'd love it, sweetie!" His grin was was of a circus clown's. "We've already looked into other flats," he explained. "And we think we have found the one! It's right on the border of a Muggle town, dear, isn't that wonderful?"
I had an uncertain feeling. "Er, yeah, Dad. Wonderful."
Mum said, "We expect to be moving by the end of the winter."
I nodded once.
Suddenly, their expressions went solemn and they exchanged glances with each other. I knew something was coming, something I didn't like. "What?" I asked. "There's a catch, isn't there?"
"It is not a catch!" Dad retorted.
"Faine," my mother warned him, then turned to me. "See, love, like we said, the job is in London."
I nodded. Of course I understood that.
"And Norway is on the whole other side of the North Sea," Dad added. Again, I nodded. They both looked at me like there was something I just wasn't grasping entirely. "What?" I said. "What is it?"
Mum took a breath. "We're transferring you to Hogwarts."
At that, I rose from my seat. "What?" I spat.
"Would you settle down?" my father snapped. "It's only a school, darling. You'll make new friends, do new things!"
From then on I had a hatred for my parents. They could take me from town to town, flat from flat, country from country, but there was one thing they could not take me from: Durmstrang. It was my only home, the one place that I felt my happiest. I had actual friends there, ones that I could count on. Plus, I was considered royalty there.
And now they were taking that all away.
"You cannot make me go!" I snapped.
Dad sighed. "All the other places we lived in these past years have been so close to Durmstrang! Sweden, Germany, Poland. But England... oh, Hogwarts is so much closer!"
"It will be easier." Mum added. "You're already enrolled, there's nothing we can do."
My fists balled as I glared at my parents. What were they thinking? They knew that I loved Durmstrang with all my heart. "How could you?" I barked.
Dad rolled his eyes. "It's only a school," he repeated. "Plus, when you visited Hogwarts the last time, you said you had loved it!"
It was true. Our school had the great opportunity of participating in the Tri-Wizard Tournament when I was only fourteen. When I was at Hogwarts I thought the place was magnificent, brilliant. I had even made a friend there - Hannah Abbot, I remember.
But I was almost seventeen now. And it was too late to change.
I shook my head. "It was divine, Father. But not good enough to make we want to leave my home!"
"London is your home now," Father snapped. "There is nothing you can do about it."
Mum put a hand on my father's arm to calm him down, then looked up at me with apologetic eyes. But I would not accept their sorrows. I span around and stormed to my room, fuming.


so i hope you found the start interesting,
and before you crazy kids start TROLLIN'
i made sure to do research and i now know for sure,
durmstrang DOES have girls in it,
but only a few. it's prettay rare.
sorry, it's two in the morning.
leave me yo comments suckas!
and farewell.
mischief managed.


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