My love story

This is my true story...About the guy who made me feel special. About the guy who made me open up to life. About the guy who made me love....About the guy who changed my entire world...

Based on a true story. Plzz comment so i know what you think about it !!

Chapter 1

First day of School

by: Jessica14
I awoke, disorientated. I didn't know where i was for a second. And what was that annoying bleeping sound?
My alarm clock, i realized.
I flew out of my bed and across my room and slammed my hand down on the annoying little thing. My fingers seeking the off button. Once i found it the bleeping stopped. I slumped down to the ground and looked at the clock.
5:00 AM
I had an hour and a half before my bus came to bring me to the first day of Junior high. I got up, looked in the mirror and flinched at the horrible sight. If i was going to get to my new school and establish my popularity, i was going to have to get to work.
I sighed and trudged my way to my bathroom and jumped in the shower. I lathered myself up with soap while mentally going through my wardrobe. I got out and opened my hair product cabinet squezzed out some miracle ten straightening and nonfrizz on my hands and ran my fingers through my hair. i made my way back into my room and to my walk-in closet. I pulled on a black tank top, dark blue skinny jeans, and a white shrug that i got from Vanity. I blow-dryed and straightened my honey blonde hair and slathered some foundation, eyeliner, and mascara on my face in the right places. i looked in the mirror at my smooth tanned complexion and long silky blonde hair with copper highlights. I looked at my electric blue eyes framed with thick black eyelashes. I nodded slightly. I was ready for my first day. I quick sprayed myself with my favorite perfume that made me smell delicious enough to eat, but ironically didn't make me smell like food. I grabbed my cherry lipgloss and headed downstairs to the kitchen where Henry was making several different breakfast foods. I grabbed a half a bagel with lite fat free cream cheese and smoked samon on it and poured a glass of milk.
"Your mother's in the dinning room." Henry said while putting some spices away.
I walked into the dinning room in just enough time to hear the end of her conversation.
"Well David, i just hope you realize that if this continues you will be getting a certain stack of papers from our lawyer." She said into the phone, "And i'm not joking." Her eyes slid towards me as she hung up the phone.
"Oh, hello darling." she took a sip from her coffee cup.
"Was that dad?" I asked her.
"Um yes that was your father."
"And i'm guessing since he was on the phone and you were fighting, that he's back in iowa." I asked her saying it more as a statement then really a question.
"Yes, he left about an hour ago. Pete has another job for him down there and i guess he thought it was a choice he couldnt turn down." she drummed her fingers on the dark polished wood of our dinning room table.
I rolled my eyes and looked to my right at the Leonardo de Vinci painting on the wall
"Well i just wanted to say bye since the bus should be here in about five minutes." I told her with a quick kiss on the cheek.
"Oh i really wish you just would've let Henry drive you instead of taking the bus." she said back.
I rolled my eyes again as i walked through the archway to the front door. I slipped my manicured toes into my ballet flats and threw on and buttoned my Jimmy choo's baby blue coat and grabbed my handbag.
"Wait, would you like a snack for the bus ride home?" Henry appeared with a wrapped green apple and a mug probably filled with a vanilla cappucino. My favorite.
"No thanks. Not today." I gave him a hug. "Bye Cobbs."
"Have a good day miss Jessica."
I got to the end of my driveway just as the bus pulled up.
"Good morning." The bus driver nodded to me.
I smiled, "You too."
I sat down in a seat towards the back. I wondered if anyone i knew would be on. I watched as a couple older strangers sat down. A group of boys and girls got on next. I recognized a guy with curly blonde hair. He was a year older then me so he was an eigth grader. I think his name was Austin. He sat across from me while a girl with straight ginger hair to her shoulders and blue eyes sat behind me.
"Hey i'm Chrissy." she said to me.
"Jessica." I smiled.
"Are you new?"
"Well yea. I'm a seventh grader."
"Omg really? I thought you were like a ninth grader or something! You're like really pretty." She giggled.
"Thanks, you too."
A guy with black hair sat down by austin. He was wearing a blue beanie. He was really hot.
"This is Kyle, Kyle this is Jessica she's a seventh grader."
He looked toward me and peered at me through the jet black hair that was halfway covering his eyes. "Sup."
I noticed he had a lip piercing...
"Don't worry, he wont kill you. He looks scary on the outside, but he's soft and mushy on the inside." She giggled.
I smiled nervously and looked towards the front of the bus. By now the bus was pretty much full. So this must be the last stop here.
A guy got on. He scanned the seats looking for an empty spot.
"Who's that?" I asked Chrissy.
"Um i dont know. He must be new."
He walked to my seat and sat down. "Oh yea i can sit here right?" He turned to me.
He had medium brown hair and hazel eyes. He was Very good looking.
"Oh yea sure." I smiled.
"Ok thanks." He smiled and turned towards the guys.
"Hey bro, How's it going? Im Kyle."
"Brandon." the new guy said.
They did some kind of complicated hand thing that I'll prolly never be able to get.
Brandon turned to me. "Sooo what's this school like?"
"Oh i dont know. this is my first day too. I'll be in the seventh grade," I told him.
"Well then im not the only one." He smiled, "I just transfered here from coon rapids so i'll be in the eigth grade."
"I guess you're not." I smiled back.
He stared at me a couple seconds more and then turned to kyle and austin. I turned to Chrissy. She was staring at me and smiling.
"What?" I asked.
"Nothing." She continued to smile.
"Oh shut up." I turned away and she laughed.

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