Love's No FairyTale, Don't Mistake It For One.~ A Justin Bieber Love Story.

Love's No FairyTale, Don't Mistake It For One.~ A Justin Bieber Love Story.

Hey, I hope you like it. The picture is Ariel.

Chapter 1

The Start of Something New.

“Justin, Stop!” I yelled angrily. I had just found out that my best friend was leaving me to become famous. “I Hate You!” I screamed. Justin stepped toward me and hugged me tightly. I pulled away from him without hugging back and turned around in tears. “Ariel!” he called. I turned around and wiped my big blue eyes on my jacket sleeve. “What?” I replied with a shaky voice. “I’m sorry,” he said sweetly. I sniffed and wiped my eyes again. “I don’t think you are,” I replied and with that I turned around and didn’t look back. I went inside my house which was right next door to his and cried for at least 2 hours. Amber, my sister, came down and saw me. “Oh my God, Are you ok?” she asked worried. I shook my head. Amber sat next to me. “What’s wrong, Sweetie,” she asked. “Justin’s leaving... I can’t… I just… I don’t know…” I couldn’t say what I wanted to. “It’s not like Justin was my boyfriend or anything. I just… I… I don’t know… I just… I think I love Justin…” I looked up from my hands to my sister. She just hugged me and I cried some more. The doorbell rang and Amber answered it. I heard Justin’s voice at the door saying, “Is Ariel here?” he asked. “Yeah, but you can’t talk to her,” My sister answered and was about to close the door. Justin stopped it and barged in. Then, he saw me on the couch sobbing my eyes out. He stepped toward me, but I looked away. “Ariel… I…” he tried to explain. I looked at him and stood up. “Let’s just make it easier for us and just say goodbye now. Goodbye.” I turned around and was about to run up to my room. “Please, Ariel I don’t want us to end like this!” Justin begged. I didn’t turn around. “Well, I honestly don’t care,” I said through clenched teeth. “Ariel, I Love you,” Justin said suddenly. I turned around. “If you did… you wouldn’t be leaving me,” I said softly crying now. Justin stared at me intensely. Then, he backed up and turned around. I felt a whole form in my heart as soon as he closed the door. I honestly didn’t think I could stand it. I put a hand on my chest and ran upstairs. I didn’t come out for the rest of the day. I went out to take a walk the next day and saw Justin. “Justin!” I yelled figuring that I couldn’t live without him so I might as well have him while I can. He looked up and stared. “I’m sorry. I just… I can’t live without you. I don’t want to lose you and if I do I don’t know what I do. You’re my rock, Justin,” I rambled. I started crying after the first sentence. Justin stood up and hugged me. He dragged me up to his room and we sat on his bed. I laughed at my tears. “God… I’m goin’ to miss you like crazy,” I laughed. Justin hugged me tightly. “I’ll miss you too,” he replied. I smiled weakly. “Oh my God. I’ve got to tell you about this dream I had last night,” he pulled me up. Then, he told me all about it. “And then I said Oh Really and pushed her against the wall like this,” he explained. He pushed me against the wall and our faces were centimeters apart. I looked into his eyes and he scanned my face before pressing his lips to mine. Our lips fit together perfectly and I could feel my head slowly jerking back every few seconds. He was an amazing kisser too. Oh My God, I am so in love. I heard the door open suddenly. “Justin, I’m…” Pattie said. I pulled away from Justin. “Oh My God…” Pattie mumbled. “Mom,” Justin gasped. I took a deep breath knowing she was going to call my mom. My mom came over 20 minutes later and we all sat on the couches. I sighed. “Kissing against the wall, Ariel!!!?” My mom yelled suddenly. I jumped and grabbed Justin’s hand. “Why would you do that?” Pattie asked. “I don’t know. It’s was a kiss!” Justin yelled. “So did you kiss her?” Pattie replied. Justin nodded. “Why?” Pattie asked. “I kissed her because I wanted to, Why else, Mom?!” Justin yelled. He squeezed my hand and I smiled. “Why’d you let him kiss you?” she asked me. “I… I did Because, I wanted him to!” I answered getting really pissed off. “Why!?” she asked again. “I wanted him to because I did! Is that enough of an answer for you!?” I yelled. “No it isn’t, Ariel,” she stated. I stared at her and then got up and went to Justin’s room. I waited for him and he finally came back up. “What Happened?” I asked. “She told me that I’m too young for a girlfriend,” Justin answered. I laughed and lay on his bed next to him. My mom opened the door. “We need to talk to you 2 again,” she said. “Why?” I moaned. She didn’t answer as I followed her down the stairs. We sat down again and stared at each other. “Hold on a minute,” Pattie and My mom left the room and by the time they had come back Justin and I were bored and mad. Pattie walked in. After giving us a long talk and a punishment which was no TV for a week, Pattie looked at us. “You really like her, don’t you?” Pattie asked Justin. Justin glanced at me and said, “Yeah, Mom. I really do…” and I smiled. “And you really like him, don’t you?” Pattie asked me. “Yeah, I really do,” I answered with a smile. About 20 minutes later we were in Justin’s room just talking. I hugged him randomly. “I’m going to miss you. I can’t believe your leaving tomorrow,” I whispered. Justin looked me in the eyes. “Come with me,” he suggested. “I can’t, Justin,” I answered. Justin looked crushed so I looked away. “I want to, but I can’t…” I said softly. The next day I went over their house right before they were about to leave. I started crying and Justin hugged me. “Please, Don’t Forget Me… Call and Text me every day, ok?” I said. “Ok, I love you,” Justin said. “I love you too, Justin… Bye…” I replied. He smiled once before turning around and getting in the car. When they pulled out of the driveway I felt tears come along but I quickly blinked them away and went inside my house. Justin texted me as soon as he got down the street. ‘Hey, I miss u,’ It read and I smiled. ‘I miss u 2. Idk what im gonna do without u,’ I replied. ‘Same. This sucks. I dont even wanna do this n e more,’ Justin texted. ‘I never wanted you to do it in the 1st place. But you have talent Justin and u were discovered,’ I replied. ‘Lol, yeah. I guess but u have talent 2 Ariel. I mean… those videos we put on YouTube of you were amazing. Ur gonna get discovered I know it. I can feel it,’ Justin replied. I smiled at him having so much faith in me. ‘Thx Justin. Then, maybe we can be together and go on tour 2gether,’ I typed hopefully. ‘Yeah maybe,’ Justin replied. ‘Yeah, well Ill talk 2 u l8r?’ I replied. ‘Yeah,’ Justin typed back. I smiled and lay on my bed. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry anymore. It’s not like he was my boyfriend or anything… it was just a kiss. We were just caught in the moment. Months passed by and it felt like years because Justin and I were slowly losing touch. I barely thought about him anymore and I started focusing on school and singing. I was chilling in my room and listening to the radio when I heard, “Here is Justin Bieber’s new song ‘Stuck in the Moment,’ so I listened. I didn’t sit up to turn the sound up or even smile… I just listened. It was really good, too. “So we have Bieber here right now. How you doin’ Justin?” the person said. “Good,” Justin’s raspy, but smooth voice answered. I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not cry. “Ok, Good. I’m going to ask you questions about everything, but your music, ok?” she said sweetly. “Ok,” Justin answered. “Good. So have you ever kissed a girl?” she asked. Flashback! “Yes, I have,” Justin answered. “Ok, you mind telling us who it was?” she asked. “Actually it was my best friend back home. I miss her like crazy,” Justin answered. Ok… that time I smiled a little. “Do you ever regret being famous?” she asked. “Sometimes… I miss all my friends back home a lot, but I can always go back,” Justin answered. “Do you know anyone with special talents like you?” she asked. “Yeah, my best friend is an amazing singer. We used to upload videos on YouTube all the time which was how I got discovered,” Justin explained. I smiled again. The phone rang so I answered it. “Hello?” I asked. “Hello, Is this Ariel?” a voice said. “Yeah, who is this?” I asked. “This is Usher and I would like to sign you. Justin showed me your videos on YouTube and they were amazing,” he said sweetly. “Oh my God are you serious!?” I yelled. “Yes, I am and I would like to speak to your mother if she’s home,” he answered. I screamed without even knowing I was doing it. I ran downstairs with the phone and handed it to my mother while jumping up and down. She looked at me funny and then said, “Hello?” in a firm voice. I ran upstairs and screamed into my pillow. I can’t believe this is happening. My mom came up 20 minutes later and smiled at me. “Get packing you leave tomorrow,” she said. I jumped up and started packing. “Justin’s coming to pick you up,” my mother told me. I froze. “Oh…” I struggled to say. The next day a car pulled up into the driveway and I answered the door. I was Justin. I stared at him for a moment and then busted out crying and hugged him. “I missed you so much,” Justin whispered. I hugged him tightly and pulled away. “Hey, I want you to meet somebody,” Justin said. He turned around and signaled for someone to come. I saw Selena Gomez hop out the car. She walked up to us and kissed Justin. I felt my mouth drop. I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care. “You must be, Ariel. I’ve heard so much about you,” she said. I shook her hand and smiled. “Ok, I’m gonna get my stuff and I’ll be right out,” I said. I turned around and ran to my room. I stopped and put a hand on the wall. I took a couple deep breaths and started grabbing my things. I walked out to the car with my mom and she help put the stuff in the trunk. I hugged her and told her I would visit often and got in the car. Justin drove us to the airport and we all got on together. Justin and I talked the whole time there. He was telling me how it was being famous and how much fun it was. When we landed about 5 hours later we dropped my things off at Justin’s house and went to meet Usher. Justin laughed at me because I was hopping up and down. We walked in the building and I met Usher. He was super nice and after we went over my plans for tomorrow Justin and I went back to his house which I guess is ‘home’ now. We were hanging out in ‘our’ room. We were jumping on the bed until it broke. Justin landed on top of me and we busted out laughing. Next thing I know we were kissing. His hands were on my sides pulling close to him. I knew it was wrong because he was cheating on Selena. I pulled away and stood up. Justin stood in front of me so I looked away. Justin tried to make eye contact, but I kept looking away. He took my face softly in his hands and turned me to look at him. “Hey, what’s wrong?” he asked me. “That was wrong what we just did,” I whispered. Justin stared at me. “I Love you,” he replied looking me in the eyes. I backed up, but ran into the wall. Justin stepped towards me slowly. He placed a hand on my cheek and one on my thigh. He pressed his lips to mine passionately and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around him. Justin was touching me in a very private place and I felt bad when I realized I liked it. I heard the door open, but didn’t move. I pulled away and looked him. I bit my lip and walked towards the door. I stopped when I saw Selena at the door. I turned to look at Justin. “I told you that was wrong,” I whispered and with that I walked out. I shouldn’t have done that. Justin and Selena came down and found me in the living room. “Selena, I’m---” I tried to explain, but she cut me off. “It is fine don’t worry about it… I know you and Justin have a romance going on…” Selena said. I shook my head. “I’m just so sorry…” I said. Selena smiled and Justin looked at me. I felt like he was staring into my soul. “I can’t do this…” I stood up and walked past Justin. He grabbed me. “You can’t do what?” he asked. “I can’t… I don’t want to do this anymore… My life is better without you…” I said. “I don’t understand,” Justin replied. “I don’t want to be here anymore! I can’t… hide this from you anymore. It was better when I didn’t have to see you…” I started crying. “Hide what?” Justin asked. “That I love you and you don’t feel the same way,” I yelled. Justin’s hand dropped from my arm. “Yeah, that’s what I thought…” I said softly. Then, I ran away. I sat on the floor in Justin’s room and cried. All the tears that I held in came out at that point. Everything I wanted to say came out in tears. I sat there and cried for hours. I guess holding in tears isn’t good after all.

This first chapter was really fun to write. I like the tention and passion. I really like this story, but what do you think? Comment, Pleaseeeeeee!!!

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