Loony Loves Longbottom

All rights and credits go to J.K Rowling and however else deserves them.

The story takes place years after the Second Wizard War. Neville is the herbology teacher and Luna has been asked to become the Care for Magical Creatures teacher after she became a famous Wizarding Naturalist.

Chapter 1

The Leaky Cauldron

"Alright dear, I love you too," Luna said as she kissed Rolf goodbye, they had traveled together to the Diagon Alley and that was were they would go seperate ways. Rolf was off to Scandinavia and Luna was preparing to start teaching at Hogwarts, she was originally going to go straight to Hogwarts but, Neville and Hannah had insisted she stay at the Leaky Cauldron, free of charge, so they could all get together and catch up.
Luna waved to her husband as he walked backwards waving, then he disappeared into the crowd and she went inside. She was greated by a woman with blond hair, and a pink face.
"Hello Hannah!" Luna said as she hugged the woman.
"Oh how good to see you Luna!" Hannah said with a smile and hugged Luna back, "come on, Neville's waiting for us in one of the parlour rooms," Hannah lead the way as they walked down a corridor and into a room.
Sitting at the table was a man with dark hair sitting down in a chair reading a book.
"She's here," Hannah said, the man looked up and saw standing behind Hannah another woman, this one had long dirty blonde hair, gray eyes.
He stood up and they rushed to hug one another.
"It's been so long Luna! You must keep in better touch," he said
"Oh I've missed you so much Neville!" she exclaimed, "I'm sorry but, I've been awful busy, I've been on the following a wild herd of Thestrals and well, their quite hard to keep track of if you aren't careful," Luna said.
"Well your here now," Hannah said.
"Yes and that's what counts," Neville said, "please, sit," he said motioning for a chair next to him.
"I'll be in the pub," Hannah said, "let you guys catch up," she walked out and closed the door.
"So are you excited to be teaching at Hogwarts?" Neville asked.
"Oh yes, I admit I have missed the place and have been curious to see the newer additions of the castle,"
"Oh it looks the same," Neville said, "if anything it's just newer," he chuckled and Luna smiled.
"I am a little nervous... will the kids like me? Or think I'm loony like the kids did when we went to school?" Luna asked.
"If anything they'll love you because you'll introduce them to new creatures... but, I hope you'll do a safer job at it then Hagrid" he said, they both laughed, remembering the Monster Books, and when Draco got attacked by Buckbeak,
"oh yes, it'll be much safer," she said, "I just hope they don't think any of the creatures I've planned to show them are boring..." she said.
"Don't worry to much, just have fun with what you teach and well make sure your class learns," Neville said.
"Alright, well thank goodness I'll have you around," Luna said, "so how are you and Hannah doing?"
"We're doing... fine," he said, choosing his words carefully, "how about you and Rolf?"
"We've been busy, he's been studying the gryffins migratory pattern so you can imagine we hardly see each other but, we try and make time for one another," she said.
"Oh and how are Lorcan and Lysander?" Neville asked.
"Quite fine, they've been staying with my father while me and Rolf are away. I took this teaching job so I could spend more time with them,"
"How old are they now?"
"Five years old, here's a picture of them," she said as she handed him a picture of two twin boys playing on little broomsticks for children.
"They look a lot like you," Neville said, a small smile on his face.
"Yes... their both open-minded but, Lorcan is more quiet while Lysander talks a lot," Luna said as she stared at the picture, "I miss them,"
"When did you last see them?"
"Two days ago but, you'll always miss having your kids around no matter what," Luna said. Neville just nodded his head, he didn't know much about parenting for he had no children. He handed her back the picture.
They sat there in silence for a while, Luna was staring at the picture of her boys and Neville was staring at her.
He smiled remembering his crush on her in his seventh year. How long ago those years seem to be, well it was a long time ago, Neville suppossed, it's been 24 years.
Luna looked up at him and smiled, he returned her smile with one of his own and they began talking about the past seven months since they've seen each other.
"I am rather hungry," Luna said, "let's go find something to eat,"
"Alright," Neville said as he followed her out.
They walked into the kitchen and Neville found them some steak to eat. He took two, one for each of them.
"Should we grab one for Hannah?" Luna asked.
"Huh? Oh, um, yeah I suppose," Neville said and grabbed another. Luna noted that Neville seemed quite distracted.
They found Hannah and ate the steaks together, it was quiet as they ate because every attepemt at conversation died with a somewhat unpleasant remark made by Hannah, who had drank a little too much firewhiskey.
As it got late Hannah went to bed, leaving Luna and Neville alone once again.
"I'm sorry about Hannah, she's pleasant until she drinks a tad too much," Neville said.
"Oh, it's no problem," Luna said, "I think I should get to bed, we leave for Hogwarts tomorrow,"
"Oh yeah... I'll show you to your room," Neville said. He grabbed a key and walked up the staris with Luna following him. He opened a door and let her in.
"Here you are," he said, "we're just two doors down if you need anything," and turned to leave.
"Neville," she said softly, he turned around, "it was good to see you again,"
"It was good to see you too, next time try not to stay away for seven months and if you do, send owls every week with a letter," he said, they smiled at each other.
'Oh heck with it!' Luna thought and hugged him. He was caught off-gaurd a bit but, hugged her back before turning and leaving out the door.
Luna closed the door and looked around her room, and in a corner she noticed her luggage that was sent here ahead of time a few days ago.
She opened the two trunks to see if anything had broke or something. She went through the first one which was her clothes and accessories and what not, everything was fine. She went through the second trunk and smiled when she found a letter with 'Scamander' written on it. 'Rolf must've put that in here' she thought to herself.
She was about to open it but, then an owl pecked at the window. She got up and opened the window as she put the letter away. She took the message wrapped around it's leg and petted it's head before it flew away.
She opened the message and read.
Dear Loony,
We heard about your new job at Hogwarts, congratulations! We wish you good luck. By the way, James will be a seventh year, Albus will be a sixth year, and Lily will be a fourth year. Just thought you would like to know!
With much love,
Ginny & Harry Potter
Luna smiled at the endearment they used. She knew many people used it rather harshly back when they were young but, now only her closest friends use it and rather lovingly. She put the message down on the table and laid down, and soon fell asleep quickly.

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