The Reaper Reborn

I didn't like the way I started... Let's try this again!

Like the other story, it will have ideas from the anime Bleach. (Fighting styles and techniques. No actual people.)

There will be some chapters that are... graphic and R-rated. Be wary. I'll warn you at the top of the chapter, if you want a cleaner version.

Chapter 1

Prolouge: The Birth

A husband anxiously paced outside of his wife's labor room, waiting for news of his child's birth. A howl of agony floated under the door and hit his ears. He winced in sympathy and put a hand on the doorknob, about to open the door. Instead, the door suddenly locked in his hand, startling him. "/Damn/." Plan foiled, he leaned against the wall to wait.

Almost an hour later, he was holding a sleeping red haired baby girl, already in love with her sleepy smiles, watching her as she dreamed. "Love, what should we name her?" His eyes went to his beloved wife, meeting her big, blue blue eyes with deep chocolate-brown ones. Her scarlet hair was fanned out around her, looking like rose petals against her pale skin. She was beautiful, even in this exhausted, post near-death state.

"I'm not sure... I'm sure you'd like a European name, while I obviously would prefer a Japanese name." He mused, looking down at his daughter.

A light, airy-sounding laugh floated around him, his wife's. "I'm sure we can come to a compromise." He knelt next to her, passing his child to her. "But.... I've been thinking about names and I adore the name Naomi.. Avannah Naomi? How does that sound?"

There was a silence as her beloved husband considered, already looking pleased with the choice. "Yes.... Yes, I love it. What about you, darling?" He spoke to the baby, who has still sleeping.

They looked at each other and laughed, blissfully unaware of the outside world for just that little moment. A little mewl from their daughter made them both pause, looking at her. Eyes open, they were looked back at with coral-colored irises for a long, slightly unnerving moment. Then she yawned and quickly fell asleep again.

There was silence as they looked at each other, then back at their daughter, with her rose colored eyes.

An omnious crow croaked outside the window, seeming to know the little girl's fate. Her father shooed it away and protectively hovered over the only two things that mattered in his life, the two people that he would die for.

"Maybe it will fade to a more... natural color?" His wife asked tenatively, personally not minding the unnatural and unnerving color of her child's eyes.

"Possibly." Neither of them thought it would, but they would pretend to for the other's sake.

"Well, Avannah Naomi, what do you have to say for yourself?" Her mother whispered to her, getting nothing but a peaceful sigh in reply.

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