About Mee:)


Chapter 1

All bout me:)

Height: 5"5
Shoe Size: 7/8 (Women's)
Se%ual Orientation: Straight.
Do you Smoke? No
Do you Drink? Nope
Do you Take Drugs? Nooo
Age you get mistaken for: 15
Have Tattoos? Nooo
Want any tattoos? Never!
Got any Piercings? Nooo
Want any piercing? Never
Relationship status: Well u don't need to know lol
Favorite Movie: Scary Movie 3
Someone you miss: My great grandpa
A fact about your personality: Im funny awesome kool nice caring sporty and im really boyish
What I hate most about myself: laugh
What I love most about myself: im totally awesome
What I want to be when I get older: Vet
My relationship with my sibling(s): okay i guess (they r really annoying)
My relationship with my parents: Great
What I hate the most about school: Annoying ppl/teachers
What my last text message says: Lol niceee:)
What words upset me the most: . PINK!!! Make-up!:P (everything girly)
What words make me the best about myself: Idk i have alot
A wish that I’ve wished for repeatedly on 11:11: I cannot tell you (it might not come true if i say, srry)
What I find attractive in guys: Sence of humor, good looking, trustfull, nice, awesome, loveable, and caring.
Where I would like to live; Idk ......yet
My childhood career choice; Vet
My favorite ice cream; Mint chocolate chip, or vanilla
Who I wish I could be: myself.
Where I want to be right now: With my friends
The last thing I ate: Oreos
A random fact; I luv the xbox 360 and i rock at it tooooooo:)


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