Loving You Will Kill Me, But I Dont Care......(A Neville Longbottom Love Story)

Name: Bella Lestrange (Dixie)
Nicknames: Bells, Bell
Year: 6
House: Gryffindor
Eyes: Bright Blue
Hair: Thick Curly Black Hair
Height: 5'8
Patronus: Bear

Things Are Going To Be Way Different From The Books And Movies

Chapter 1

How It All Started

I was at the library studying, and thinking about how I'm no normal witch. I'm a witch with a secret that nobody knows. Well atleast not at Hogwarts, except for Draco. That's just because we grew up together. My parents and his dad are close, seeing the fact that they are all Death Eaters. My parents are none other than Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange, not that anybody knows. I take after both of them, physically anyways. I have my father's eyes and nose, while I have my mother's hair and jaw. There's only two people who know my real identity, Draco and Dumbledore. I made Dumbledore promisse me, with the unbreakle vow, he wouldn't tell anybody. Telling him I was afraid of how they'll treat me after they know, and he promissed. I'm sure he won't say anything. And if he does, he knows my parents will come and cause trouble. He changed my last name to Dixie, so nobody wiil suspect a thing. He may know who I am, but he doesn't know my plans. The plans my parents gave me, plans from the dark lord. Plans only my parents, Lucius, Draco and myself know. Lucius and Draco know because Draco is suppose to help with my plan. A plan that the dark lord came up with after I got sorted into Gryffindor. At first my mom was furious by the fact that my house was Gryffindor, but soon after the dark lord heard Harry Potter house was Gryffindor also. This made him happy, which made my mom happy and proud of me. To tell you the truth I don't want to be part of any of these none sense, but I have no choice. Especially since the dark lord threaten my life. So, I seriously had no choice. My life is a total hot mess, but that's what I get for having Bellatrix as my mother. "Hey,"said Hermione bringging me back from my thoughts. "Hey,"I replied as she sat next to me. "Studying also?,"she asked as she got out her books. "More like thinking,"I replied as I looked down at my paper and saw that I hadn't done anything. "Well you should study, you are failing potions,"she said. "Yeah, but that's because I have a lot of my mind lately,"I said. "We all do,"she said as Harry and Ron came towards us. "Studying?,"asked Ron. "Sort of,"I replied. "Then thinking,"said Harry. "You know me so well,"I grumble. "Somebody is a bad mood,"said Ron. I simply stared at him. "I see,"said Harry sitting down. They started to talk, while I simply listened. If they only knew who I really was. If they only knew who my parents are. I'm sure Harry would be mad, because my mom killed Sirius. But Neville will hate me for what my mom and dad did to his parents. Sometimes I'm afraid of them finding out. About how they'll react if they find out. Bloody hell, why can't someone just put me out of my misery! "Bells are you okay?,"asked Ron. I hadn't noticed that I was crumbling the paper. I looked up to see them with a worried expression on their face. "Yeah...uh...sorry about that,"I said as I tried to unwrinkle my paper. "What's gotten into you lately?,"asked Hermione. "I don't know.....well, I have to go. See you guys in the comon room,"I said as I gather my stuff. I just wanted to get out of there. Get some fresh air and stop being scared of them finding out. "Okay that was weird,"I heard Ron say as I walked away. I got out of the library and the cool November air hit my face making me smile. This is exactly what I needed, some time to myself. After walking around for a while I went to the common room. Once I was ther I went up to my room and put my stuff away. I layed on my bed facing the ceiling. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I started to here a tapping noise. I sat up and looked towards where the tapping was coming from, the window. I saw Elest, my mom's owl. Elest is a beautiful black owl with a gray belly, and light gray eyes. I opened the window and let it in. She dropped a letter on my bed then flew back out. I went and saw that the letter was from my mom. I looked at it for a while before I decide it to open it.

Dear Bella,
First off I'm proud of you, for doing the right thing.
I have great news! The Dark Lord decided to make you a Death Eater as soon as you came back!
I'm so proud of you! Soon you'll be fighting side by side with me and your father
Your father is proud of you, also
And the Dark Lord is waiting for your word.
Make mother proud.
Your Mom, Bellatrix.

I re read the letter over and over again. This can't be! I don't want to become a Death Eater. I put the letter on top of a desk and got out my wand. "Lumos,"I said. I got the wand closer to the paper, the heat caused the paper to burst in flames. Nobody can know, if they did it would be the end of me.........

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