The Ridiculous life of The Foo (Told from Omas' point of view)

Hello everyone Jay made her story he ridiculous life of the foo.Well let me just say most of that stuff is not true.She makes me sound like some crazy maniac well let me tell you what really happened!

Chapter 1


by: yannis13
I awoke abruptly.Looking forward to another day of school.School was almost over. I needed time, more time to hang out with friends.Before I was off to Maryland.I needed to hang out with my cousins.Jay and Chaun.They were the only ones who actually understood some of my problems.
We would usually talk everyday after school,but my schegdule got hectic from sports.I would always be the one to call them.
I had about an hour before it was time to head to the bus stop. I decided to give Jay a call.
"What it is!" She said in her metallic voice.
"Well Its nice to hear your voice."I sputtered
"Well uh my uh..somebody jacked it....uh yea."she staggered.
"I will have you know that I will be off to maryland just when schools out,and we didnt even get to hang out.Oh,yea thats because some wont call anyone!"I yelled.
"Hey,don't put this on me .Its my...uh phone...yea! Hold on."
I was furious how could think she think I was soo nieve into thinking someone had "JACKED" her phone.
"Hey Foo! Thanks for getting me in trouble." She yelled.
"Whatever,so hows Harry potter?" I asked
Harry Potter was Jays crazy boyfriend Christian, He had some serious mental issues.
I called harry potter because he looked like him.She hated it when me and Chaun called him that.
I felt my ear to see if my eardrum had been decapitated.
CLICK. Called ended.
I shot a look at the time.It was time for me to head out.
So much for family connections,huh.

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