Dance the Night Away (girls only)(a JB love story)(part 4 and up)

so im just gonna add chapter to thats why it is 4 and up


Chapter 1

how dare YOU be mad at ME!?

the next morning we were stretching my phone started ringing. i turned bright red and ran to grab my phone, i picked it up and went outside to answer it. it was an unknown number. (convo:)
D: hello?
??: Delilah?
D: yes, who is this?
??: it's Taylor, from the party last night?
D: oh hey Taylor! i thought you were filming today?
T: we are, we are just on break right now. listen im free tonight and then i have a bunch of stupid movie crap for the rest of the week. So i was wondering if you would like to go out tonight?
D: sure, what time?
T: how about 5?
D: sounds good.
T: text me your address later so i can pick you up?
D: okay. got to go, im gonna get yelled at by justin soon. see you tonight
T:alright bye
D: bye!

i hurried inside and saw that they were about to start so i dropped my phone on my bag and ran to get into line for our dance. after about 5 hours (at 4 o'clock) i was about to leave when justin pulled me aside. "Delilah, dancing on this tour is a big oppurtunity. so if you want to stay dancing on this tour you need to not be on the phone all the time. you need to practice, and not be on the phone and spending every night out." he said. how was he mad at me. "how can you be mad at me when i spent 10 minutes on the phone this morning before you started and you are out until 2 am and on the phone until 5. you didnt wake up until 11 and then all you did was come here and watch us work our butts off like i do every single day of my life, and have done every single day of my life since i was 4. i've had to work a job, go to school 7 hours a day, and still find time to dance every day. i got 3 hours of sleep for 3 years straight. so dont you dare get mad at me for taking 10 minutes to myself." i said. he was really pissed off now. " what are you insinuating? that i havent worked hard to get where i am? i sang everyday since i was 10 on theatre steps just to take my mom to florida for a vacation! i was told no at least 20 times before i finally got a record label to actually look at me. so you dare say that i have not gotten what i deserve. SO DONT YOU DARE SAY THAT I DONT WORK HARD! YOUR THE ONE SPENDING ALL DAY ON THE PHONE." he said and at the end he started yelling. "YOU ARE JUST ANOTHER STUCK UP STUPID POPSTAR WHOS HERE FOR A FEW YEARS UNTIL YOUR 20 AND THEN YOUR ALL WASHED UP. SO ENJOY IT WHILE IT LAST JUSTINA!" i screamed at him. i started walking to my stuff when he yelled. "GET OUT AND DONT COME BACK." i walked out and started to cry. i hate him. i really do. what did i ever see in him? i walked to my hotel and told Taylor that something had come up and i would be ready until 6 but he could still come if he wanted to. he said he would come even though i wasnt ready and we could talk while i got ready. so i showered and changed real fast before he got here. we decided to go to this nice restuarant in the park and then just walk around. i put on something cute and confortable ( he came into my hotel room and sat on my bed and we talked while i did my hair and make up. we were leaving the hotel elevator. i was laughing at something that Taylor had said. he had his arm around me when of course we ran into the person i hate the most right now...and his the lobby....watching us.....oiy........


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