This is a story about a girl who has a bipolar mother. She meets Paul McCartney, and they become friends. Maybe more? who knows!
Sorry if it's a little wierd! :)

Chapter 1

I'll Be Back

I lived pretty far out of town, on a lake. It was a modest house, but not tiny. I lived with my brother Zach, and my mom. My mom was bipolar.
That summer, I was seventeen. My brother was almost nineteen. I was fed up with my mother's antics, but there was nothing I could do about it. So, just like any other day, my mom was screaming at Zach and I for god knows what. Then Zach got mad at me, saying that he always gets the blame. The next thing I know, he left. For good. Just packed a bag and left.
I didn't know what to do. Even though I wanted to kill him sometimes, he was my support. We understood each other. He was someone to lean on.
She apparently didn't know what to do either. She was quiet for a couple of days, just busying herself around the house. Then she returned to her crazy old self.
I woke up one morning, still feeling tired. The night wasn't enough for me to regather my strength. I was tired from yelling back, and from constant crying.
Then I heard her yell my name. I remembered the hell that I lived in. I tried to tell myself, "It doesn't matter what she does, stay strong. Stay strong! you'll be out of here soon." But it never worked. Just as soon as I said that, I again fell into my pit of despair.
I walked out of my room, wondering what on earth she could be yelling at me for now.
"YOU OVERSLEPT!!!!" she screamed in my face. "It's 8:23 already!!! SEE what happens when I don't wake you up?!! Why does everything depend on ME?!!? I'm sick of it!!!! Do something for yourself!!!" She screamed and stomped off.
I sighed to myself. Another morning, another day, another month, another year until I could leave this hell hole. I went back into my room and got dressed. When I came out, there were pancakes on the table.
"Here honey. Have some breakfast!" she said in a cheery voice, like nothing had ever happened.
So I sat down and ate, knowing that this wouldn't last for long. I was right. I put my dishes in the sink.
She walked into the room and looked at the dishes. "What?!! I made you breakfast and you expect me to do your dirty dishes?!!!" she said turning to me.
"Oh, sorry. I'll do them right away." I said, getting up.
"AND, the least you could do is say 'thank you'!!!" she said scoffing. She lifted up a plate, and then dropped it as she walked away. It fell to the floor and shattered to pieces.
I bent down to pick it up, piece by piece. She came back in, still yelling. We stood there for hours arguing until, finally, I had had enough. I ran out of the house and onto the trails I knew like the back of my hand. I had run away before, but having no place to go, I returned. But this time I wasn't running away, I just needed some time.
Then, I tripped on my shoelace. I went flying and skidded back into the ground. I moaned and sat up. Blood was streaming from my cheek, and knee and hands. Oh great, I thought. Just what I needed. I stood up, shaking. I brushed myself off the best i could, and took off running again. I looked back, still running, and I couldn't see my house anymore. But when I turned my head back, I saw a man. And then I ran into him. I stepped back right away, embarrassed. "I'm so sor...Paul McCartney?!" I couldn't believe my eyes.

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