We're Locked In!

The whole entire Bright wood School has been lock down. Every single student has to stay in the school. A group of students have tooken over the school. Alex doesn't know why or how but that she wants to get out of there. Her boyfriend Mason is apart of this mess. Hes the leader of the gang. Alex has a decision help other students get out of here or stay with her boyfriend and rule the school. What do you think?

Chapter 2

Concealed In This Room

"Answer me. Alexis you wouldn't want to be trapped with your friends in classrooms would you?" He walked around the room and Mike and Rick stood at the front door guarding it.

The only way out would be following him. I dont want to be his slave. Maybe i could learn his ways and then get out of here and run away. I could run all the way home.

I walked to Mason and kissed him. "I...I Will stay with you." I said sitting on the principles chair. It was soft and very comfortable. He smiled. "I knew you would." He said picking up the speaker to say an announcement.

Every one must be wondering why Am I Doing This? Well its because i think that I should rule the school because I'm better and important. You guys wont regret it....I hope. No I dont give a sh!it actually. But um Jared Reese come up to my office i need to speak to you.

Mason started laughing after the announcement and it got me a little scared. What type of guy was i dating. I cant be helping him i dont want to. I'm getting the hell out of here.

Mike and Rick were still blocking the door. I decided to make a run for it. I ran and they couldn't catch me. Dam where could i run to? The Library! No one goes there First period. Maybe except for nerds.

I ran down to the basement where the library was. I wonder who constructed this building because usually the principals office is the first floor and the library like the 2nd or 3rd floor. I ran inside hoping no one was there.

I walked the aisles making sure i took a piece of wood i broke off a ladder for protection. I haven't found anyone. Hopefully i wont find someone. I started looking at books after a few minutes and began to read one of my favorites. Kissed By An Angel.

A book fell from the top shelf from where i was reading. Then on the middle shelf. "Hello? Anyone there?" I said griping on to the wood. I saw a shadow move to the next aisle. I walked slowly to the aisle. The person started running to the aisle next to that one.

I ran as fast as i could. I caught up to the person and pushed them to the floor so that i was on them. The person couldn't move. I moved the hoodie from their face.

I didn't know who he was. "Whats your name?" I said. "Please...Please dont kill me." He whimpered. Kill you?

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