We're Locked In!

The whole entire Bright wood School has been lock down. Every single student has to stay in the school. A group of students have tooken over the school. Alex doesn't know why or how but that she wants to get out of there. Her boyfriend Mason is apart of this mess. Hes the leader of the gang. Alex has a decision help other students get out of here or stay with her boyfriend and rule the school. What do you think?

Chapter 1

Things Went Wrong

School started out normal like always i walk to school with Mason. Then we go to the cafeteria and hang with our friends. After that came first period where things went wrong.

"Alex!!!!!!" Jamie yelled at me as i came in late to class. Jamie was one of my friends who knew everything that happens to me as if she was stalking me. "Yes Jamie?" I said sitting down on the desk nearest the back door. I liked sitting there because when class was over all i had to do was walk out the door.

But today was different. The announcement went on. It was the principle obliviously. Goooooooooooooood(Yea he drags that word)Morning Staff and Students. I want Alexis to report to my office immediately. Once again Alexis report to my office right now. The principle Mr. Andrew said. I got up from my seat picking up my stuff and bringing my bag with me.

Everyone stared at me and made that sound when you get in trouble you know "ooo." Well yeah they did that and i walked all the way to the last floor where the principals office was located at.

I knocked on the door. "Yes?" Someone said but it wasn't the principal it sounded like Mason. So as i opened the door i said"Mason?" And there he was. "Hey babe." He said getting up from the principals desk to hold me into a hug and kiss my forehead.

"What are you doing here?" I said after he let go of me. "Oh yea i forgot to tell you." He said. "Forgot to tell me what?" I said sitting on the desk. Someone opened the door and it was two seniors from this school Mike and Rick.

"Hey Boss we locked every door and have two guys to block each door with a gun. Oh hey Alexis." Mike said. I waved to them and looked at Mason.
"Boss??Mason whats going on?" I asked moving to the door.

"I didn't get to tell you. I'm the new principal of this school. The king. And you will be my queen." He said. "So what do you say. Help me lead the school. Or you could be my personal prisoner. Either way i still win."

What type of person am i dateing? How do i get out of here?

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