Fame, Fortune...and Love?! A Taylor Lautner Love Story [Story Version]

Fame, Fortune...and Love?! A Taylor Lautner Love Story [Story Version]

Hey Girlies! This is the first Taylor Lautner story I wrote and I LOVE IT! I want to write some more for it. I hope my new readers enjoy it! Rate comment and add me! I hope I get even more reads on this one than I did the last! <3 Also I will be setting up a Facebook Page, and a Twitter Page. I will hopefully have some videos on youtube soon so you can follow me as I write my book! :) Hope you enjoy.
~Dani <3

Chapter 1

Big News

"We're moving?!" Finally I can get out of this place, and to the sunny shores of California. My mom and I my mom have always been stuck here in this one horse hillbilly town since I was six. My luck. She's been working for peanuts for years, but hey she likes it here. I've been counting the days till I would be free from this miserable town and today's the day. Being the only person with the slightest hint of African American blood within a 50 mile radius was getting old. Even though I'm mixed with white, black, and American Indian. My mom just broke the news to me that she found a great job in Los Angeles, California. The shopping capital of the proud United States of America. Super mega malls, beaches, surfer boys, pretty much every sixteen year old girl's dream. I grabbed my mom and gave her a huge hug.
"Mom, you have made me the happiest teenager alive!" I cheered. She looked at me with bewildered eyes. "Your happy? I thought you would be upset." She muttered. I backed away giving her a smug look and laughed.
"Is this my punishment or something?" I snickered.
"Ellie, you're going into your junior year. I was afraid you'd be upset." She said shyly.
"Mom," I said casually, "my transcript will carry over, and I can make new friends. It's not like I planted my roots here or anything." She gave me a cheerful nod and scurried out to the back door. I followed her, my mind drifting, and ran into a pile of boxes.
"If you're this excited I guess you won't mind the short notice." She smiled.
"How short are we talking?" I inquired.
"Umm... maybe... I don't know, three days."
"Three days!" I grabbed a handful of boxes and ran to my room. I just about tripped running up the stairs, almost giving myself a concussion. I swung the door open and looked at the cluttered mess. If I would have known we were moving, I would have organized this a little better. So I have three days to pack, all of this crap. Luckily, I'm an only child so I don't have to worry about helping a younger sibling pack. While I was digging threw my heaps of junk scattered around my room, I came across an old picture. I examined it, trying to figure out who the husky boy was. Then it clicked. It was my rocket to fame cousin Robert Pattinson. I hadn't seen him since the premiere of Harry Potter in the states. My uncle got a scholarship to go to England and that's were he met Roberts mom, my aunt, and then moved to California. He was way older than me, but was like an older brother. The picture was of us when he was about 16 and I was 10. He had taken me to see the Harry Potter movie he was in because I loved to read the books. Now he's the 'Heartthrob' of the new movie twilight, which I also read all the books. I wondered if he was trying to take over all my book fantasies. It's hard to love Edward when you get a visual of your cousin. I almost had all of my stuff packed while strolling down memory lane.
"Wow, you really cleared this place out didn't you?" My mom laughed as she stood in the door way of the empty room.
"Mom, do you think when we get to L.A. I could audition for a movie. Not a big roll but you know a little one." I said shyly.
"That would be great, I think you would be great for it. You know you'd have to deal with not having privacy." She informed.
"I know but I really want to." I insisted.
"I'm sure Robert could give you some pointers."
"Why do say that?" I asked.
"Because were moving to their neighborhood..." She chimed.
"Awesome we'll get to see Uncle Rob and Aunt Clare?"
"Yep." She said proudly. Then she left to go pack. The few days flew by, packing, loading the moving truck, all of the usual moving stuff. We got on the plane to head to Los Angeles, and I was practically jumping in my seat. The flight was so long, I couldn't wait to get to the beautiful sunshine state.
"We are now landing in Los Angeles Airlines. Please remain seated." The intercom announced.
"We're here, we're here!" I cheered. I stared out the windows gazing at the huge skyscrapers and beautiful landscaping. The passengers started to get up out of their seats so I did the same. My mom and I exited and saw my uncle and aunt waving us down.
"Uncle Rob! Aunt Clare! It's great to see you again." I hugged them both and did a mental head count. "Where's Robert?" I asked.
"His hiding in the limo, he didn't want you guys to get mobbed." Big Rob laughed.
"That's a nice accent you picked up there Uncle Rob" I Laughed. I grabbed my three suit cases and threw two of them over my shoulder and rolled the other. I looked around me in awe. I'd never seen such big buildings and everything was so... perfect. I raced through the check out and rushed out in search of a stretch limo. I saw it immediately. I waved a few quick times and the large limo pulled around the corner. My mom was visiting with Rob and Clare while I threw my bags in the trunk. I swung the back door open and saw Robert sitting there; he jumped out and gave me a hug.
"Hey cuz, seems like it's been forever." I said.
"Yeah it has, good to see you again. How've you been?" He asked in the oh so familiar British accent.
"Very bored," I chuckled. "This city is so beautiful." I grinned.
"I'm glad you're out of the little town your starting to sound like a hillbilly." He laughed. I shoved his arm and jumped in the limo. Our parents followed still reminiscing.
"Wow, I've never been in a limo before... Whoa, there's an ice machine."
I said pressing random buttons. "I can so get used to this." I leaned back in my seat kicking my feet out.
We got to the Pattinson's house and I jumped out to take in the gorgeous view. I walked with Robert up to the door where he helped me carry in my luggage.
"You'll be staying here for a couple of days until your thing arrive." He said leading me up to a guest room.
"Cool, your house is amazing!" I squealed.
"So is yours." He replied.
"How do you know?" I asked. He pointed out the window to the house directly behind his that was just as fabulous. I could only see by the dim street lights but it was beautiful.
"No way!" I jumped up and down.
"Get rested up, I'm take you somewhere special tomorrow." He smiled.
"Where? Tell me?" I squeaked.
"You like Twilight don't you?" He grinned.
"Yeah, who doesn't?" I said. He covered his ears then told me the surpirse.
"I'm taking you to meet the cast." Now I knew why he covered his ears, because I screamed to the top of my lungs...

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