Tough Love: A Jacob Black Love Story [Story Version]

Tough Love: A Jacob Black Love Story [Story Version]

Hey again! :) I'm re-uploading this story into story version on Quibblo and hopefully finishing it for you guys! :) I probably like this one more than I like my Puppy Love Series! Shhhh! ;) To my new readers: This isn't a follow uo to PL. This is a totally different one! I hope you enjoy it! Rate, Comment, Add me. And Check out my other stories and my YouTube Channel. And to the people who have been waiting forever for me to continue, SORRY!! :( lol Hope you like! ~Dani <3

Chapter 1

Notice Me!!!

School. Whoever invented school had nothing to do in their time but torture kids. The alarm rang this morning and I wanted to scream. School's okay, but why does it have to start at 7 in the morning. My mom rushed in and flipped the light on.
"Wake up Elle! First day of school." She cheered. I'm sure she was thinking 'Yes, finally I can get rid of your lazy butt!'.
"10 more minutes mom!" I groaned and rolled over.
"I have a bucket of ice water... don't make me repeat last year." She laughed. I could hear the water swishing in the pail in her hands.
"You wouldn't." I glared.
"Oh yes, she would." My brother Dan yelled as he swung in my room soaking wet. She stood back in a 'tossing' action.
"I'm up, I'm up!" I yelled and stumbled out of bed. I pushed her and her buddy the pail out the door. Junior year, this year is going to be the best ever. This year I'm finally going to build up the courage to ask out Jacob Black. Jacob is also a Junior at La Push High School, one of the popular boys at my school. He's about 5'10 and has the most gorgeous brown eyes. His silky black hair hangs down to the middle of his back, the most beautiful human being alive. He hangs out with my brother a lot, but Dan never brings him over because he knows I get way nervous. My brother is also one of those popular boys here around La Push. Me, not so much.
My mom is a social worker and my dad is a big corporation... owner... or something, I don't get too into details, in Seattle. La Push is our reservation of Quileutes, we're one of the more, how would you say... upper-class families. I don't like to flaunt the fact that I have money, but my brother does. I couldn't get Jacob to look my way once last year. This year I think I might be able to face my fear. You could say that La Push is a bit of an upscale for a Reservation... but I call it home. I stepped into my walk in closet and flipped on the switch. I had no idea what to wear, I mean, I don't know much about what the fashion trends are. I just stick to the simple look. I decided on black leggings and a jean skirt with my black long sleeve Paramore tee. I wouldn't say I'm emo or goth like some people say I am. I don't even were the black make up or tease my hair but I do listen to rock so... Whatever they want to think. I like black, it's very functional. I showered and straightened my hair, I don't know why I do it. My hair is black and wavy, typical Quileute girl, I just like to be different. My hair is really long, sometimes I have to braid it and throw is over my shoulder or I'll sit on it. I got dressed and headed down stairs. My mom already had breakfast cooked and on the table. My brother, being the pig he is already inhaled 5 pancakes. I grabbed a dry one and nibbled around the edges, I was too nervous to eat anything heavy. I grabbed my book bag and slung it over my shoulder, I grabbed a jacket and headed out the door.
"Aren't you going to eat something Elle?" My mom encouraged.
"Too nervous, I'm going to get there early and see what classes I have." I said.
"Nerd." Dan mumbled.
"Idiot." I replied.
"Kids." My mom said. My dad walked down the stairs and sat at the table.
"Well, I'm off." I said.
"Have a good first day." My mom said.
I took off down the sidewalk. I usually walked to school unless my best friend Mickey gave me a ride in her second hand van from the 70's that still sang Dixie when she honked the horn. My parents wanted to get me a car but I'd rather walk. I heard the faint honk of the oh so familiar tune.
"Hey Mickey." I yelled over the roar of the engine. "Hey Elle, need a ride?" she trilled. Mickey had short brown wavy hair and she dressed a little corky too. She was wearing ripped jeans with pink leggings underneath and a hot pick spaghetti strap shirt. She was way into the chains idea, I stuck to not trying to stand out. "So..." she bounced in her seat.
"What." I said, not paying attention.
"Are you going to ask Jacob out this year?" She chimed.
"I'm going to try to...I'm not sure how it's going to work out." I blushed.
"You'll do fine, Jacob would be lucky to have someone as pretty as you." She encouraged. "I have a little someone in mind too."
"Really? Who?" I probed, getting a little more interested.
"Umm... Promise you won't be mad." She muttered.
"Why would I be mad?" I asked.
"I kind of like Dan..." She trailed off.
"Eww, you like my brother! What brought this on?" I asked. We've been friends since third grade and she never said anything about liking my brother. "He's kind of cute this year..." She said staring ahead. I looked to met her stare. There was my annoying filthy brother, and next to him was an angel. Jacob Black, he was right there laughing with my brother, Quil, and Embry. His hair was tied back in a messy ponytail. He was leaning against a Shiny Black Motorcycle. Classic Jacob. I hadn't realized how long I was staring till Mickey started snapping her fingers to get my attention.
"Elle, you got it bad." He swung her head in disappointment.
"I know, I can't help myself. I wonder if he'll notice me this year?" I said.
"Oh he will." She laughed evilly. We got out of her van and walk towards the door, where the group of extremely cute boys --excluding my brother-- were standing. I ducked my head when we approached them so they couldn't see me blushing. As soon as we got up the long case of stairs were the boys were playfully talking, I couldn't help but stare. "How do I get him to notice me?" I whispered. Mickey had that evil grin on her face; she stuck her leg out and tripped me.
"Damn it, Mickey. This isn't what I mend when I wanted him to notice me." I whispered. My purse fell out of my hands scattering all over the top of the stairs. I hurried and tried to pick it all up when a big russet hand laid on top of mine.
"Need some help?"

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