List Of All Quibblo Chat Rooms! :D

These are all the Quibblo Chat Rooms I currently know of. If one of them interests you then go check it out! I'm so glad I started this whole "Quibblo Chat Room" thing. You guys are awesome~! ;D

Chapter 1

Quibblo Chat Rooms!

by: Cinderkit
1. The very first Quibblo Chat Room (that I know of) was made by me, Cinderkit55 :D.
---Password: Quibblo_Chat
---Info: This chat room was just made as a place where the members of Quibblo could connect and just chat about whatever they want.

2. "Harry Potter Party!"
---Creator: FayBlack (Awena_Evenstar)

---Password: Potter

---Password: potter2

---Password: potter3

---Password: potter4
---Info: These are Harry Potter Roleplay chat rooms. If you love Harry Potter and Roleplay, then come visit these chat rooms and have some fun pretending to be your favorite characters from the series!

3. "Quibblo Roleplay Land"
---Creator: cutewooper (SasorisFavoritePuppet)
---Password: roleplay
---Info: If you are a Harry Potter fan or a Naruto fan, come and join this fun roleplay chat! Come act as your favorite character from either of these series's or just come to watch Naruto and Harry Potter clash! (I'm usually Naruto_Uzumaki lol)

4. "Quibblo Chat Room"
---Creator: writingfanatic (HP_Forever) a.k.a Sam
---Password: quibblo
---Info: This chat room was created for Quibblo people only and I'm assuming it's just a place to chat. So come on by if you just wanna chat. :)

5. "Quibblo Chat Room"
---Creator: I don't know who created this chat room. If you know please message me or tell me in the comments. Thanks. :)
otter---Password: quibblo
---Info: I'm guessing it's just a place to hang out and chat about whatever you like. :)

6. "Harry Potter Rules!"
---Creator: JasperRulesMyHeart (AmberJadeWalker_)
---Password: VoldemortIsHot
---Info: Here you can roleplay and do whatever you want with Harry Potter! :D

7. "StarKid Role-Playing XD"
---Creator: im4evaandalways (MrsEleganceMoses)
---Password: puppykitties
---Info: "Hello StarKid Lovers!
This is where we all can become part of the iconic Team StarKid. We can also have romances, among other things. ;)"

8. "Hufflepuff Common Room"
---Creator: QuizGirl912 (Love_Is_Patient)
---Password: diggoryishot
---Info: "Welcome to the Hufflepuff Common Room! Only enter if you are in Hufflepuff House! Tell us your name, and have fun!"

**These are the only Quibblo Chat Rooms that I know of so far. If there is a chat room created that I haven't mentioned then please message me or post in the comments the link, the user that created it, and the password of that Quibblo Chat Room. Go check out these rooms if you ever get bored! Bai~! :D**


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