daughter of a murderer and niece of a werewolf (george weasley love story)

daughter of a murderer and niece of a werewolf (george weasley love story)

hey guyyyyy ;D okay well this is my first story sorry if theres spelling mistakes ect... please comment and i will try to improve kthanksbyeeee <333333333

Chapter 1

a little bit about you....

Okay so let me induce myself ( you) my name is Jessica black and yes sirus black is my dad, but I don't know my mum she died when I was one so I don't remember her and dad never talks about her which is understandable he really loved her. Anyways I go to beauxbatons but I have recently moved to England so I will now be attending hogwarts which im rather relived about, if I had to put up with those stuck up girl’s any longer I may have just turned them all into toads and kept them in cages. I don't really have much of a style I like to wear abit of every and any style. Ohh and did I mention im a metamorphas so my hair and eyes change with my moods and did I also mention that I can control the elements admittedly Im not very good but I was getting better. I like to sing and dance and I like to have a good laugh. Im also a brilliant prankster as you will find out later well I think that’s enough about me let’s get on with my story…

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