Pranks and Love, Forever in My Mind. (a george weasley love)

Pranks and Love, Forever in My Mind. (a george weasley love)

Hey everyone! This is my first story so please don't be too critical!
Name: Alice Winters
Age: 12
Year: 2st (one year younger than the twins)
Looks: Brown hair, brown eyes,shown in picture above.
House: Gryffindor
Blood: Halfblood
PS I'm a really bad at spelling/grammar even if i check through the story it may not be perfect sorry!
PPS If you want to be in the story just leave it in the comments about who you want to be and such! Any ideas are helpful as well thanks!

Chapter 3


It hab been nearly two months since I had became friends with the twins and our number of pranks together was almost as high as our number of detentions. Walking down to the dinning hall with one of my best friends Katie Bell, I was attacked. Someone grabbed each of our hands and pulled us aside, away from the rush of studants trying to make it down the stairs before they changed position.
"What is going on?" I heard Katie hiss, and the answer came from none other than the person I had been trying to avoid since forever on accont that he was the world biggest pain in the árse.
"Well, we got two out of three chasers here, not bad, not bad." I heard the gravely tones of Marcus Flint captain of the Slytherin quidditch team.
"What do you want Flint." Growling at the creepy smile that loomed in front of me.
"Oh nothing really, just the confirmation that the Gryffindor team wont be able to win against us this Saturday. So, to help us with this you're going to have to break your arms Miss Bell. And for Miss Winter, maybe you will somehow end up with a broken leg. Understand?" He stared hard at me with black eye's that generally creeped me out. But now I was just mad.
"It's Thanksgiving Flint." I spoke in slow, measured tones as to not explode into a rage. "You. Should. Be. Being. Thankful. That. We. Are. In. A. GOOD. MOOD. " I said the last words with so much distaste that he let go of us.
Seizing the opportunity Katie shoved him into a throng of Ravenclaws. "bother us again, and we won't be." We then shuffled angrily to the dining hall, where the boys where waiting for us.
"Hey gorgeous where have you been all my life" exclaimed Fred as I sat down.
"We've been beating up useless Slytherin's who try and injure us so we can't play quidditch." Katie Bell muttered as she sat down across from us, but with one glance at Oliver she sat further down the on bench to warn him of the rampaging dirtbag who had caused us to come late to dinner.
"A SLYTHERIN DID WHAT?" George exclaimed and he spun around to face me, looking horrified. After retelling the whole Flint story both boys went silent and wrapped their arm arms around my shoulders and waist, and even after the food had arrived and everyone was eating they were both still staring angrily off into space.
"Helllllooooo? Earth to George and Fred!" Waving my hands in their faces seemed to get their attention and the snapped back into the real world. "What were you two thinking about?"
"Nothing." Fred said grimly. "Absolutely nothing."
"Well then. Treacle tart?" I asked pointing to a rather tasty looking treat in front of us.
The Next Day
Friday. The last day before the weekend. (IT'S FRIDAY FRIDAY) Also they day I had double History of magic, and divination, potions, and transfiguration. My least favorite classes, except for transfiguration, which happened to be my favorite, and hardest class of the day. Grumbling something about tea leaves I rolled out of bed and got dressed. Seeing as I had a free period between History and Divination early in the morning I decided to dress up a little. This men't my regular uniform but with red and yellow striped knee socks and knee high lace up converse. This may or may not be influenced by the fact that my normal shoes were all the way across the room and I was simply too lazy to go and get them. Once I was done dressing I headed downstairs and off to breakfast.
"Mr.Binns sir?" A flustered looking ghost looked up at me, wondering why I was interrupting his class. "I don't feel so good sir-" trailing off I tried to look as pale as possible.
"Oh well, you may head down to the hospital wing Miss Winters-"
Before the old ghost had finished his sentence I was out the door, and raced back up the halls to the common room. A few corridors away from the painting of the fat lady (or the average sized lady as she was trying to get us to call her) I heard some noise coming from an empty class room and deciding to investigate I opened the door to see my two favorite people in the world glaring and yelling at the disgusting Flint.
"Is it true that you threatened to break Alice's legs?" Spat one of the twins stepping forward. It's hard to tell them apart when you can only see a small bit of them.
"So what if I did," he said offhandedly, "why do you care?"
"She is our friend Flint" said (I think it was George) grabbing him by the collar of his shirt.
"From the looks you give her Weasley she is a heck of a lot more to you than that! YA I noticed and you more than the other prat over there. Why do you think that a girl like that would like YOU?"
I saw Flint being punched in the gut by George at the same time that Fred shoved him back into the wall. "Don't mess with Alice-"
"Or any Gryffindor for that matter." Fred finished and led his practically steaming twin away from the fallen green and silver lump. Leaping up away from the slightly open door I sprinted away and into the common room after mumbling Phoenix or whatever the password was. Sitting down on the couch nearest the fireplace I though about what Flint said. 'The looks George gives me? What looks?! Was he implying that George liked me, as in more than a friend?' I was so giddy at the thought I hardly noticed when the twins walked in until Fred asked me what I was doing out of class.
"I couldn't make it through double History so I ditched." I smiled, then out of the corner of my eye I glanced at George who was standing rather stiff beside his brother as Fred looked amused at the response from George to seeing me. Grinning at his brother Fred sat down beside me, leaving space for George to sit in between us. I held my breath as George rolled his eyes and sat down and wrapped his arms around my shoulders casually. It was amazing.
"So darling," Fred spoke in a posh voice surprisingly similar to Percy's, "We were wondering if perhaps you would consider staying here at Hogwarts for christmas. We would invite you to our abode, but our parents would be occupied in Romania and we would be alone in the household."
"Although," George whispered in my ear, "being alone with you doesn't seem too bad..." giggling I replied as ridiculous as Fred.
"Well of course darling, I wouldn't have it any other way!" Grinning ear to ear I got up to grab a piece of parchment and a quill to write my letter home.
Dear Mum and Dad,
I was wondering if I could stay at Hogwarts for this christmas as some of my friends are staying as well this year. I've told you about them in my last letter, the Weasley twins. Classes are going fine here, I especially like transfiguration, even though it is the one of hardest classes! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, did Aunt Adelaide give you too much trouble with her crazy health food diet? I hope not!
Love Always Your Daughter,
Alice Kayleigh Winters
I gave the letter to Fred and George to read and make sure I had not somehow written something completely weird by accident. They beamed suddenly and looked up at me.
"You talked about us?" I swear they looked like those cats in Alice In Wonderland, a muggle movie I had seen.
"Good god!" Grabbing the letter I successfully got away from them! Or not.
"OH NO YOU DON'T!" squealing as they pulled me onto the couch, relentlessly tickling me as I gasped for air.
"Please obnoxious giggle let me GOOOOOOO! obnoxious giggle"
Suddenly I was scooped up and placed in the lap of an incredibly attractive boy whose name rhymes with Forge (BOOK REFERENCE!).

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