Pranks and Love, Forever in My Mind. (a george weasley love)

Pranks and Love, Forever in My Mind. (a george weasley love)

Hey everyone! This is my first story so please don't be too critical!
Name: Alice Winters
Age: 12
Year: 2st (one year younger than the twins)
Looks: Brown hair, brown eyes,shown in picture above.
House: Gryffindor
Blood: Halfblood
PS I'm a really bad at spelling/grammar even if i check through the story it may not be perfect sorry!
PPS If you want to be in the story just leave it in the comments about who you want to be and such! Any ideas are helpful as well thanks!

Chapter 21

What's everyone's favorite song right now? Tell me in the comments I need some music!

A/N thi is goig to be crazy long an you won't ven know the whole pranks until chapter 22! Thanks to FredandGeorgeluver for some prank idea's! Now half of this is her story! ;)
Fred's prank ready? Check. George's giggle prank ready? Check. Megan's prank ready? Check. Rachel's prank ready? Check. My prank ready? Double check. My prank is ready and kick-aśś.
We had decided to do it all on the same day. It would be this Friday. Megan's prank was first, cause it was an all day thing. Then George, cause his was an all day thing too. Next Fred's, the Rachel's prank. Finally, at dinner, my prank. Currently it's Thursday and we're in the boys dorm planning.
"I'm kinda nervous." Rachel admitted.
"Why?" It's a prank day, it's amazing not scary!
"Well, to be honest? This is going to be my first ever prank."
"OH. MY. GODRIC." Megan was gaping at Rachel with a new found happiness. "So we've like, converted you to the bad side?"
"Ummm that's one way of putting it."
"I FEEL SO SPECIAL OMG! We are responsible for poisoning little Rachel's innocent mind with our evil ways! Aren't you guys all so proud of Rachel for joining us?" Megan beamed at us.
"Uh huh. Suuuuuure. Ya. Note. The. Sarcasm."
"Oh shut up George."
"Hey! I'm offended."
"No you're obnoxious."
"Meh, you're right."
"I'm always right. NO SARCASTIC COMMENTS PLEASE." I smiled innocently.
"I wasn't going to say anything Megan."
"Oh can it Alice."
Laughing we teased eachother for a little while longer, the Harry and Ron came up. Well, we could exactly plan in front of them so instea we played exploding snap together. Rachel turned in for the night after a few rounds and the younger boys weren't too far behind. Megan the twins and I stayed up chatting until... well actually I don't know when they stayed up chatting until. I fell asleep in George's shoulder around 11, so I'm not sure what happened afte that. Other than my hair temporarily dyed pink by my favorite twins plus one. They are such spazzes.
After groaning to my hearts content about the stupidity of having to wake up before 10 am I left the boys so they could get changed and Megan and I walked over to the girls dorm to change and shower. I put on my uniform, converse high tops, and little gold star earrings along with my make up. My make up being mascara, lip gloss, and ya. Thats my incredible make up of the day. Whaaaaatever. It's easier to manage this way I find. Plus, I've already got a boyfriend, who am I trying so hard to impress?
Your boyfriend.
Oh shut up with your logic! It's incredibly annoying.
And the hat said you might be a Ravenclaw. Pft.
Ya I know! Cause I would fit in greeeeat there. Sure.
We met the boys in the common room, along with Rachel, Harry, Ron and Hermione. We chatted and laughed and tried not to look devious. We failed. Except for Rachel. Who happens to be an amazing actress. And just too nice to suspect to pull a prank. She's smart, witty, sarcastic, and nice. We are evil, prank-y, and devious. Guess who pulls off the innocent act better?
We ate our breakfast as fast as we could and Megan and George excused themselves while we triend to keep everyone's attention off of them. Success!
Megan's POV
From where I wad hiding behind a suit of armor I could see Adrian's wand sticking out of his pants pocket. or as Alice's name for him, Puke-y. She seriously has the best nickname idea's ever. I looked around and made sure nobody was watching me, before whipping out my wand.
"Accio Adrian's wand." The 11" Pine wand flew across the room and into my hand. It was almost touching the ground as it flew to me and nobody saw it. Good. Otherwise this would have never work. Muttering a spell I used wingardium leviousa to get his want back in his pocket. Eww he eats-EEEWW! That much ketchup should never go on ANYTHING! And I like ketchup. Ugh. Gross. I stood up and ran back to the Gryffindor table, grinning. Phase 1 complete. I looked around to see George giving my the thumbs up. Perfect. Sliding in next to Fred I whispered into his ear,
"I'm done. George's done. You're up next."
George's POV
I got up from my seat next to Alice and gave her hand a quick squeeze before running out of the Great Hall. Man she looks adorable when she's thinking something evil. Then I set off to get the finishing touches on my prank.
"Hey. Hey? You here."
"Yessiree I'm here Mr.Twinsy."
"Good. Now do you remember what I told you to do?"
"And if I don't Mr.Twinsy?"
"Then you'll have the Bloody Barron to report to."
"Fine! I do whatever Mr.Twinsy askes me to! Just don't tell the Barron Mr.Twinsy please don't tell the Barron!"
"Only if you promise to do what I told you."
"Yes Mr.Twinsy!"
Good to go. As I made my way back to the Great Hall, I though about something very important. Something life changing. I need to go on a real date with Alice. And soon.
Freds POV
I had found out Pucey's time table from some 1st year Slytherin yesterday, and I'm hoping it was right. Learning the Bat Boogey Hex was time well spent, it's a very good, ahem, bargaining, tool. Now I'm crouched outside or the Charms classroom and, ah here he comes! With my agile self and my ability to crouch behind small potted plants I grabbed a random books from his bag as he walked by me. Good, it was Pucey's Transfiguration book. From what my short source had said thats what he has next. Using a handy spell George and I had made up last night when the girls had fallen asleep I fixed his book. Closing it I ran after the disgusting Slytherin. Git. A rather brave Ravenclaw ran into him on my signal tripping him and his books spilled all over the floor. Adrian let out a string of curses at the should have been Gryffindor and I slipped the modifies book back into his bag. I thanked the corageous 2nd year and went on my way to class feeling very satisfied.
Rachel's POV
I have to admit, I'm pretty nervous. My first prank yada yada you know the whole thing. Weird thing is, I'm practically never nervous. Not for tests. Not for speaking in front of people. Not even nervous for Potions class. And that can set even the bravest Gryffindors on edge. I checked on the main part of my prank, they were still in their cage. Good. All I had to do was wait for the others to lure Adrian to the classroom and then my prank would be set into action.
I nodded to Alice as I heard a shuffling of feet outside the door and hid out of sight as it creaked open slowly. This was going to be interesting. Maybe even more fun than the library.
Alice's POV aka the normal POV
Everything had gone according to plan. Tonight everyone would see the results of our genius. I had even heard George mutter date when he was talking to Fred. Today has been perfect.
A/N whew that was a lot! I only have 18168 letters left I wrote so much. Well tell me what you think! Thanks for ready my story everyone I love you! -Kelley

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