Pranks and Love, Forever in My Mind. (a george weasley love)

Pranks and Love, Forever in My Mind. (a george weasley love)

Hey everyone! This is my first story so please don't be too critical!
Name: Alice Winters
Age: 12
Year: 2st (one year younger than the twins)
Looks: Brown hair, brown eyes,shown in picture above.
House: Gryffindor
Blood: Halfblood
PS I'm a really bad at spelling/grammar even if i check through the story it may not be perfect sorry!
PPS If you want to be in the story just leave it in the comments about who you want to be and such! Any ideas are helpful as well thanks!

Chapter 2

First Day, First Pranks

Smiling to myself I slipped up to the girl dorm around midnight or so. I heard some faint snoring as I put on my quidditch pajamas and lay down in my bed, pulling close the drapes I thought of George. Hopefully he didn't think it was too odd that whenever I would go on the moving stairs I would giggle, they were just so cool! 'Oh well' I thought as I drifted to sleep.
"Alice, if you dont hurry, you'll be late!" My new dorm mate Hermione shook me awake.
"I swear if you ever do that again you will never ever ever-djfhansdfk" my words became muffled as I turned into my pillow to fall back asleep.
"AAAA" Screaming in fright I was lifted out of my bed to the ground by a rather smug figure.
"Now get dressed!" She left me muttering, half-aleep in my pj's. Dressing in my robes and trotting down the stairs I met Katie and the twins in the common room waiting for me. They explained that Hermione had said that I would be coming and left instructions for me to get an alarm clock. Laughing my friends escorted a grumbling me to the dining hall. As soon as we stepped in we heard shouts of joy and some of horror. Grinning ear to ear I bowed to a pink haired table of professors. Each one of them look furiously at the twins and I. The charmed shampoo that had created this glorious sight would take a few days to wear off. The one thing that we had noticed was that Snape's hair was decidedly, well, almost unchanged. In the light you could tell that it was slightly pink, but other than that it was totally the same. As we took our seats I pointed this out to the twins. In a moment of hysterical laughter George put his arm around my shoulders causing me to go as pink as the Dumbledore's hair.
"We are bloody brilliant!"
"Yes we are!" I reached up and tousled his hair, "now eat up you big oaf, or we'll be hungry during detention-"
"Ahem." We turned to see an very grumpy Snape. "detention is exactly what all three of you will be doing today. After classes come strait to my class!" He walked away in a huff, but we smiled none the less.
"Hey good job!"
"Pink is my favorite color!"
"McGonagall is sooo less scary with pink hair!"
All through-out the day we got compliments and pats on the back from all the houses. Even a slytherin had mustered up some courage and said,
"The bow was a nice touch. Good job." After getting many looks of disgust he shrank back to his friends.
"Obviously a first year. Nobody else would be so ignorant to talk to one of us!" Fred exclaimed, pretending to be offended.
"Hey!" Ron, Hermione, and Harry all shouted indignantly. Ron tried to punch him in the arm but the lanky redhead easily pushed Ron away and laughed. Giggling I pulled the two away and grabbed both twins hands.
"Come on you two! It's detention for us!"
Pretending to pout the twins complained as I dragged them away from the staring trio. "Oh don't be sad, you'll get to spend more time with meeeee" shouting as I dragged them through the halls. Our punishment was to clean-muggle style- the floor of the potions room. Some kid named Seamus had practically coated the floors with a potion gone bad. Bubbles from scrubbing floated up in the air, engulfing us.
"I will be right back. If you try anything, I swear you will never have another day free of detention." we heard footsteps start away from the room, and the door slam shut.
"FREEDOM!" Screamed both twins as they scooped up handfuls of soapy bubbles and threw them at me.
"Aaaahhhh!" My anguished cries where muffled as Fred tackled me to the ground and threw handfuls of bubbles into my face. Spitting out the taste of chemicals I rubbed my eyes and looked around. I couldn't see either of the twins, although as I walked around bumping into tables I would hear a laugh, or a red flash of hair. Suddenly I was attacked! Two grinning faces pummeled me to the ground then soon rolled off me as I grunted.
"Hellooooo?" A cold voice called out from a relatively far away place. We immediately knew it as Snape and scattered, each of us searching for our scrub brush so it seemed as if we had been doing something. "Deprimo!" All of the bubbles disappeared and we saw a sneering Snape. Luckily we had each just reached our stupid brushes and innocently looked up at him. "You are free to leave." He grumbled and we shot out the door. Racing up the stairs we arrived panting at the common portrait. I smiled,
"This is going to be a good year."
"Definitely" George and Fred answered at the same time, and George slipped his hand over my shoulder at the same time as Fred. Laughing and blushing we entered the room.

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