I honestly love you (Darren Criss Love story)

I honestly love you (Darren Criss Love story)

IT'S TIME FOR MY DARREN CRISS STORY!!!!HOORAY!! XD Both Starkid and Glee is in it!
Name:Cassidy Lynne
Looks:Brown curly hair, light blue eyes, tall and slim build, tannish
Age: 21
Talents: Sings (low soprano), Acts, piano
P.S. Thanks to all that contributed characters! To see extra info on them see "Need Characters"
Please comment and rate and all that totally awesome stuff!
~Samantha Criss!
I don't own anything, no infringement intended, and I do not make any profit from it.

Chapter 1

Harry Freakin' Potter!

"This is INCREDIBLE!!!" I screamed. "Okay calm down, jeez girl...” Joe laughed. "Sorry....so I get free tickets right?" I asked. I was at the house I shared with my 3 friends, Skye, Zatch, and Bella. My best friend Joe Walker was telling me of a play him and his friend were going to do. It is called A Very Potter Musical. "Yes…You and your friends!" Joe said. "And you’re playing Voldmort? You'll be the best!" I exclaimed. "HeII Yeah!!" He laughed. I rolled my eyes. "Well, you better get to rehearsal...talk to you soon! Bye Joe!" I said. "Yeah yeah...Bye Cassidy" I heard a soft click and I hung up too. "Who were you talking to?" Skye asked, walking in. "Joe..." I muttered staring at the TV screen. "Is he gonna jump out of our TV?" She looked confused and concerned. "Yes Skye, yes he is." I shook my head and got up. "Oh and we finished the last of our food...you'll need to get more...” "Why me?" I whined. "Because!" She said flapping onto the couch reading some book. "Ugh where's Zatch? I'll ask him to come with..." Skye shrugged. "Thanks for the help!" I laughed. "No prob.!" I walked to Zatch's room and knocked. "Come in" I heard his voice. I opened the door and found him playing some video game. "Uh...I was wondering if you wanted to come shopping with me." I said. He glanced up, His deep blue eyes reflecting sunlight. "I guess..." He muttered and turned off his game. "Coolio!" I cried and ran to my room. I grabbed my silver purse and threw in my phone, wallet and keys. "Where you going?" Bella asked, standing in my doorway. "Ah! I thought you were at softball practice! I'm going shopping...we're out of food." I kneeled on the floor and searched under my bed for my other yellow Heely. "It ended early." she said. "...Found it!" I cried triumphantly. I slipped my shoes on and rolled out to the kitchen. "Okay...food. Anything else?" I asked. Bella opened the fridge and pulled out an empty milk carton. "Okay who's is this?!" She asked. "Probably mine..."Laughed Skye "Ugh…Well I'm cleaning this out...grab some cleaning supplies." Bella sighed. "k...we’ll see you later guys!" I smiled. "Here let me help..." Skye jumped up and ran to help Bella. "Bye" Zatch waved and walked out. "I'm driving!" He called. We headed to the only car that we shared, a black ford truck. I climbed into the front and Zatch stuck in the keys. "So where to?" He asked pulling out. "Target?" I offered. "Okay...To Target!" He called. I smiled and shook my head. He turned on the radio and Circles by Hollywood Undead came on. Zatch started singing along. The song ended and some other came on. We pulled into the parking lot. I turned to radio off and Zatch cut the engine. We climbed out and as we were walking in a saw a bunch of people talking by a van. "Wait....is that Joe?" I asked. Zatch shrugged. We keep walking. "Grab a cart." I called. We collected all we needed and more. "I hope I can pay for this..."I sighed walking into a line for check out. "I got money...if you need it." Zatch shrugged. "ok..." I bought everything and we headed to the door. "Walker! Isn’t that your friend?" I heard someone say. "Cassi!!" I got crushed by a hug. "Joe? Can’t. Breath." I managed to say. "Oops...So good to see you! Meet some of my friends. Joey, Holden, and Darren." He pointed them out. Joey had long dark brown hair with a blue headband on and a small beard. Holden had hazel eyes and brown hair with spiked up bangs. Looking at Darren, my heart stared pounding. He had a mess of black curls on his head and light brown eyes. "Hello this is Zatch..." I put my hand on his shoulder. "Wow Joe I've never seen you this positive!" Holden laughed. I started laughing. "Anyway...you should come stay over some time!" Joe smiled. "Joe smiling?!" Joey acted surprised. "Shut. Up." He glared at him. "Maybe but right know I gotta go home...It was soo amazing to see you and meet your friends...Maybe you guys could come over sometime!" I shrugged. "K, see you at your house.”Joe called and ran to their car. "Not now! I groaned. "Oh well" Zatch muttered. "This will be great fun!" I exclaimed, sarcastically and we head to our car. The drive home was silent and when we pulled into our drive way, thankfully I didn't see them there. "They'll come..." Zatch told me. "I know...”I sighed. Bella ran out and we put all the groceries away. I told Skye and Bella what happened. "Great..." Bella sighed. I opened my mouth to say something but the doorbell rang.

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