How To Tell If He's Crushin' for real!!

This is Just a few chapters telling if he likes you or not (I got two of my friends together with guys they liked' and I have amazing relationship advice, so you can trust me. I'm a relationship guru!! <3)

Chapter 1

Body Language!! (#1)

by: Patdgirl7
First things first!!!
Watch him closely, but don't make it look like your stalking him!!
*If you are ever both sitting down while having a conversation, watch what he does with his knees. It seems strange, but if his knees are pointed at you' his focus is on you and you have his attention.

*He may touch you lightly, like with his foot or fingertip or something. He will pretend he doesn't notice so it will look like he's not flirting. (This might be a sign for shyer boys only)

*This is one you MUST be careful with. If you see hes looking at you in thehallway, wave at another boy or pretend your staring at him. After you do this, look at your crush. If he turned around to see who you waved at, thats a big sign (I did that to my crush and he turned to see who it was xD so cute!! anyway, back on topic)

*He will try to be a little Bada$$ sometimes, but don't think hes a jerk. He just wants you to be impressed. Like if he laughs, he might flick his eyes over to you to see if you are looking at him.

<3 Hope my tips help, check out chapter 2!! <3

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