sugar rush a jacob black love story

ima need a lot of lots of comments
oh each chapter has a song so yh awsome idea ikr lol verry vain i know
name: candy hope faith love(love is her last name if u didnt catch on)
school:la push high

jake is her boy freind but hasnt changed yet
brown eyes black hair with purple streaks and dark skinned
skater emo percky kind of girl soft hearted loving and sweet

Chapter 1

pools and broken noses

by: sexypooks
the song for this chapter is sugar rush by cash cash
i was sing loudly to the music my idod in my ears rocking my hips and jumping up and down in my bed shacking my hair all around geting it my face i did a couple flips. i was wearing a blue tank and black short with a black hodie ziped open. this was me "So I can taste you on my tongue With your lips to kiss like a red hot sun You're one big sugar rush Suck me in, suck me in, hold me down till the very end"i was sing so load my thought hurt i had the song on replay i was getting breathless but as having fun.i closed my eyes and pointed toward the door and goton my knees"Sweet, sweet love's making me go I'm off the walls making me fly I can't sleep, got a big crush I can't sleep, need a sugar rush Sweet, sweet love's making me go"i got up and fliped of the bed eyes still closed"I taste you on my tongue With your lips to kiss like the red hot sun You're one big sugar rush Suck me in, suck me in, hold me down till the very end" i open my eyes smiling at meself and saw jacob leanig against the door with closed behind him he was smiling widely at me i smiled more "HI JACOB" i shouted becuase i still had the earphones on. i ran over and tackeled him with bear hug wraping my arms around him. i looked and he he was flashhing his teeth he took off my earphones and laughed"hey to u too"i pulled back in my earphone and waved bye then i pushed him and ran down stairs slaming the door in his face"ow"he screamed"u broke my nose"he yelled from the op f the stairs. his hands were balled into fits"who cares"yelled laughing and ran outside when i looked back jacob was right behind me. i ran even faster he was about to grab me when i notice the pool ahead. i started taking of my shirt and i ran faster to get some distance and too off my shorts
earlier that day i was lying on my bed looking at the ceiling.i groaned"its so boring what am i going to do taday" as if on cue my phone rang i groaned and rolled over to get my phone of the night stand it was a txt form jacob
jake:its so boring
me:ik telll me about it......entertain me NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jake:rolles eyes um.......lets chill in ur pool later today"
me:sigh... fine
end of txt messaging
with that i got up and put on a bikinni ;shorts and a tank
end of flashback
i was allmost there...i jumped(thank god for water proof ipod cases)his arms wraped around my waiste i held my breathe.there wass a big splash we were to the bottom of the pool and smiled at each other i pushed him and stared swimmming for the surface for air.he reach a few seconds after me. he gared at me"u hurt my nose" i laughed "what yah going ta do about it" he smirked and grabbed me by the waiste pulling me close to him and kissed me he pulled away"nothing i will regret" he kissed me again

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