A Poem

Chapter 1


What is real and what is not.
That depends on what we're taught.
I don't like the 'real' you see.
I just want to be me, I just want to be free.

I don't want you reality.
This is not my finality.
I just want some sanity.
This is my vanity.

When I was young I had to deal
With everything you considered real.
I didn't want you lies.
I don't care what money buys.
They say that I'm different so that means I'm wrong.
All I ever really wanted was a place I belong.

What is 'real' and what is 'fake'.
I don't care, I just want hope.
But all you ever do is take, take, take.
I can already feel the rough rope.

'Real' people, the thing you claim to be.
'Real' people are the ones that always hurt me.
I didn't want this life of lies.
I didn't want to hurt all the time.
I didn't want to bare these scars.
I didn't want to be behind these bars.
I didn't want any of all.
I just want to get away from these walls.

'Real' and 'fake'
Give and take.
Love and hate.

To each person their own.
But why can't I be left alone?
Away from the hate,
From all that you take,
Saying I'm just a fake.

Does it make you feel good?
Do you like to do this?
To say that you love,
to say that you give,
all just to seam 'real'.

What are you really?
Just a 'fake' like me?
Who do you think you are?
Do you think I don't see?
Whatever it is you pretend to be.

I know that you're 'real' isn't true.
And I know that it's me you rue.
I know that you would never love.
And I know it's me that you shove.

I don't know what the real 'real' is.
I just want to be left alone.
To each there own.
You're sins you should atone.
Because it's you're life you've throne

I don't know what's 'real' so I don't care.
But some times the lies are more than I can bare.
I know that you see me as something quiet strange.
That I'm crazy, a little deranged.
But even if that all means being 'fake'.
I'd rather have that that be a mistake.


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