Three Girls One Naruto World... All Boys Run Now... ** Gaara, Kakashi, Sasuke ** (Love Story)

Japanese name:Aleko Sanatori

Japanese name:Syh Takimo

Name: Natilya
Japanese Name: Amaya Nakashima

Chapter 1

Chapter.1: Eattin By A TV... Just Another Normal Day

by: Amaia
Natilya’s POV:

The beat of my heart in my head.
The feeling of my feet moving to the rhythm of that same beat.
The sweet tension of my muscles as I lift up my left leg and twist on the ball my right foot moving to meet an enemy I don’t even know.
Then… CRACK!!!

My shin meets their head.

The guys head slings to the side and I see beads of sweat splatter off his face as if he moved to fast for them to hold on. My nose scrunches up as the guy twice my size falls onto the ground out cold. Slowly I take my leg down letting the adrenaline seep out of my body.

It felt good to knock someone out.
It always did.

“Hey! Nat! Are you done with your matches yet?! Naruto is about to start!” One of my best friends Juliet yells to me from across the cellar. Well technically it’s not a cellar but we call it that. Actually it’s an abandoned storage building transformed into an underground street fighting dome. If the police ever got wind of this we would be in so much trouble! So Shhh!

Relaxing I turn pulling up the second to bottom rope and slip out of the stage like area where the fights are held. Jumping down from the stage I then glance up to see the guy climbing to his feet whipping blood from where I busted his lip. I smirk and turn away heading towards the exit.

Pushing past people I notice we have a smaller crowd than usual. A few of them give me a dirty look; while others pat my back.

I’m a rookie at this place.
An outstanding rookie actually.

Suddenly someone grabs the hood to the black hoodie that I had taken the time to cut the sleeves off from. Turning around I grab their arm prepared to break it when I realize it’s only Joe, the head of this place, with my prize money. “You know you could stay for a few more rounds. I know a couple guys who want to take a whack at ya.” He states handing me $200.

The prize money will grow the longer I have a winning streak. It’s $50 a win.
“Naaah I’m good. I need to get to my friend over there before she explodes from waiting.” I state my usual smirk on my lips. Joe follows my line of sight to see

Juliet bouncing up and down on her feet, obviously in distress.
“Alright I guess I’ll see you next week.” Joe states patting my shoulder and turning to head back over to the matches.

Closing the space between where Juliet stood next to the lockers I go over to mine with her following me. Opening the locker’s squeaky doors I slip on the blue sweats, and switched out my armless hoodie for the nonripped up one that lay inside over my shorts and tank-top. “Hurry up! I don’t want to miss the intro! There’s supposed to be a new song!” Juliet whines pulling my arm.

Smiling I say, grabbing her wrist and pulling her behind me “Well then come on!” Then I start to all out sprint with her stumbling at my heels.


“If… you… ever… make me run like that… again… I will kill you…” Juliet huffs collapsing on my other best friend, Kylee’s, bed taking deep breaths.

I laugh at her and then jump when Kylee kicks open her paint splattered bed room door “I have arrived with the popcorn!!!!!” She pretty much shouts.

“Well bring it in and hurry up! It’s about to start!” I usher Kylee in and shut the door before plopping down on Kylee’s king size bed with a Naruto blanket and Fruit Basket sheets, not that it was made Kylee never makes her bed. Then Juliet flicked on the TV squeezing between me and Kylee to get a hold of the popcorn.


By the end of the episode Kylee was throwing popcorn at the TV because they were hurting her precious Gaara by getting his Demon extracted from his body and there’s a chance he will die. I’m not too happy about this either and am booing right along with her and Juliet because Gaara is an awesome, not to mention hot, character.

But sadly Kylee called dibs… stupid dibs code…

Juliet has all the dibs on Kakashi and then I have dibs on Sasuke.

The rest of the Naruto guys are free game for all of us.

“So Amaya what would you say to the people in the Naruto World if you somehow got transported there and they wanted to know where you were from?” Juliet asked me laying on her back and staring up at the ceiling. Amaya is my Japanese name. Juliet’s is Syh and Kylee’s is Aleko.

I was leaning back against the head board legs crisscrossed. Tapping my chin with my finger I thought about it then said “I would say that I come from the village we created. You know the Village Hidden in the Shadows but that it’s so small none of the great villages know about it. Also that ninjas there are really rare if any. I wouldn’t tell them about the special jutsues and such about our village because we might not have them there.” I finished with a smile.

Kylee stated “I would probably be too busy freaking out to answer any questions.”

“Me too but I would say about the same thing Natilya said.” Juliet agreed.
Suddenly the light above our head flickered and went out all together. It was almost pitch black in Kylee’s room. Looking up at the light curiously I got up and went over to the door turning the knob only to find it wouldn’t budge. “Kylee your door’s jammed again!” I shouted at her.

I heard Kylee get up off the bed and say “Here let me try…”

Moving aside I stepped back glancing over at where Juliet sat on the bed and she shrugged at me. “It won’t open for me either…” Kylee growled obviously aggravated at the door. A bang echoed around the room along with a few of Kylee’s made up cuss words, she won’t cuss so she makes up things to say.
“That’s what ya get for kicking the door!” Juliet laughed causing Kylee to playfully growl at her.

A light shone bright in the room and we turned out heads to see the TV blaring a bright white light along with the sound of static. “Who turned the TV on?” I asked.

“Not me.” Juliet and Kylee said at the same time. I stared at their faces lit up in the creepy lighting.

“I didn’t either…” I said slowly and then crept over to the TV pressing the off button. It didn’t go off.

Starring at TV in confusion I heard Kylee and Juliet join me in front of the
haunted TV. Reaching out I touched my finger tips to the TV screen expecting to feel smooth glass but instead my fingers sunk into the TV screen. Gasping I pull back in surprise and the touch it again. “Look at this…” I whisper.

“It’s like jelly.” Kylee mused touching it with her own fingers.

I tried to pull back again but my fingers wouldn’t budge! “Aleko can you get your fingers out?!” I asked panic rising in my voice. Kylee tried and failed to get her hand out of the TV screen and I realized with a start that my body and Kylee’s were being sucked into the TV. How the heck are we both supposed to fit???

Juliet grabbed our arms and tried to tug us back but only resulted in her hands being drawn into the carnivorous TV as well. Soon my whole arm was in and the right side of my body was being drawn in. Once my face was in everything went black.


Juliet’s POV:

I awoke after being eaten by Kylee’s dang TV in a white room. My head was pounding and it felt like I had been sucked in a vacuum then junked out into the garbage. A monkey must have gotten a new drum set inside of my head. An instantly annoying beeping sound kept going off every three seconds. “Kylee!

Turn off your alarm clock!” I groaned rubbing my eyes with my hands.
Wait… one Kylee doesn’t have a alarm clock because she breaks every single one the day after she gets it… two if my memory is right I just got eaten by a TV… and three this place reeks of hospital stench. My eyes snapped open very quickly on that thought and I look around the white room. I’m in a hospital.
Greeaaaat… I hate, no despise, hospitals. They are too clean and stink I mean come on! A little filth is good for everybody…

“Nice to see you’re awake. You have a little bit of a concussion from your head hitting a rock in the landing but other than that your fine.” A woman smiled at me she had brown hair and a nurse’s outfit on. I noticed with a feeling of disbelief that she looked animeish. As if she belonged in the anime world.
I’m losing my mind.

If I ever had one to begin with.

“Umm… do you have a bathroom around here anywhere?” I asked trying to keep the panic out of my voice.

“Sure right through there.” She pointed to the door at the far right of the room.

“Thanks…” I stood and avoided looking down at myself because I didn’t want to believe what I knew was true. When I opened the door I stared in shock at the hand I used to open it. It was lean and pale and anime. Definitely anime.

Shutting the door behind me I flick on the light and stare in Aww at the reflection in the mirror in front of me. I’m crazy. This cannot be happening! People don’t just change worlds out of the blue!

My hair was now two different colors the front was snow white, not old people white it’s actually really pretty, and the back was the darkest black imaginable.
It was up in a pony tail that had started to fall a little bit and I pulled it out re-fixing it while I watched my anime self do the same thing in the mirror.
The white was all down in the front and bumped up near the same as Sasuke’s bangs do falling down along my face past my chin. It outlined my heart shaped face. My skin was still really pale but what really surprised me was that I had somehow aged maybe… three years. I looked like I was 18 for goodness sake when I’m only 15!

Then my clothes didn’t help the dang matter! The shirt cut down really low in the front showing some cleavage and then my whole stomach was in full view to anyone who wished to stare. The shorts I’m wearing might as well worked as underwear because they barely hid more than that. I really should have designed my anime character a little more carefully in case of the off chance of ever being seen as this character.

This was the character I designed back in the human world. Complete with sluty galore. I didn’t mean to make her sluty it just kind of ended that way. I had designed her to catch Kakashi’s attention but it never occurred to me that she would catch the attention of every guy in a ten mile radius. Not to mention cause multiple nose bleeds. Oh well.

Now that the shock of being here had left my system I felt happiness enter my chest. This was fantastic! What am I worried about? I’m in the Naruto World!!!
Jumping up and down I nearly explode in laughter. “Ms? Are you ok?” The nurse asked me. “Kakashi Hataka is here to take you to see lady Hokage…”
Oh goodness… It’s Kakashi! I will not scream like a fan girl, I will not scream like a fan girl… I kept repeating in my head as I prepared to open the door.


Kylee’s POV:

Wind whipped across my face and I slowly opened my eyes to see land rushing towards me, or more accurately roof tops rushing towards me. “OH MY SCREAMING MONKEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.
Moving my arms to where they covered my face I ran out of breath screaming right before I thought I was about to hit. Instead of hitting hard tile, though, I landed on sand that knocked the air out of my lungs. Then said sand gave way and I banged my head against someone else’s forehead. “OW!” I whined.

It took me a whole five minutes, ok more like two, before I became aware that my body was laying all over someone else’s. Sitting up I realized I was sitting on someone’s waist. Looking down my eyes widened and nearly popped out of their sockets “Get off of me.” Gaara commanded glaring up at me.

“I-I… I umm… I’m sorry?” I accidently asked.

“Get off.” Gaara repeated and I scooted back practically falling off of him onto the roof where he had been sitting. Discreetly pinching myself I wince and had done that just to make sure I was not dreaming.

Ya I’m sooo not dreaming because that pinch hurt!

“Why did you just fall from the sky?” Gaara asked in his usual, sexy, monotone voice.

“I don’t know. I don’t know how I’m here.” I answer standing up and looking around me. I was in Suna. “I know I’m in Suna I just don’t know how I ended up here.”

“You fell from the sky and if I hadn’t been here you’ld be dead.” Gaara pointed out.

“Don’t you think I noticed that whenever I saw these roof tops heading towards me at like a hundred miles an hour?” I questioned and then added “But thanks for the save.”

Gaara raised an eye brow and asked “What’s your name?” My eyes traveled around the village and I became distracted by taking in all of it that I didn’t answer him. “Well?” He asked his voice becoming impatient.

“Huh?” I turned and faced him to see Gaara’s face nearly as red as his hair.

“What’s your name?” I didn’t know Gaara could sound so angry.

I didn’t even flinch though and smiled at him deciding to go by my Japanese name “Sanatori Aleko.”

“Aleko? But isn’t that a girl name?” Gaara asked me.

I raised an eyebrow “I am a girl…”

Gaara’s eyes widened and a light blush painted his cheeks. I glanced down at myself and realized why he didn’t think I was a girl. I looked like a complete tomboy. My shirt was dark green, loose and long sleeve. So loose that if you weren’t looking right you wouldn’t think I had a chest and then I had on a pair of tan boy shorts and normal sandals like other ninjas.

Feeling my dark blue hair I felt strands sticking out from under a hat that I knew was white with dark blue checkered pattern on the edge of the front. All my long hair was hidden under the hat. It was the character I had created back in the human world.

I had designed the character to make her seem like a boy a bit because I’m so tomboyish. Still it was weird actually getting mistaken as a boy. “What village are you from?” Gaara asked interrupting my thoughts.

“Oooh shinny….” My eyes fell on the top of a roof a few blocks from here the sun was reflecting off of some metal and it was really shinny. Then his question
sunk in “Oh! Sorry Haha… I’m from a small village we call Village Hidden in the Shadows but it’s so small no one knows about it.”

Gaara was watching me intently “You’re not very smart are you?”

I pouted at the fact that one of my main crushes didn’t think I was smart “Nope! I have a very short attention span… Ice cream sounds really good right now… it’s really hot up here….” Even if I was upset he thought I wasn’t very smart I couldn’t really argue with him about it because it was true. I trailed off on my statement imagining lots and lots of ice cream.

“Do you know where you’re going to stay while you’re here?” Gaara asked trying to recapture my attention.

The sun was starting to set and the streets were becoming less crowded. Even the heat was easing a bit and I wondered how long I had been talking to Gaara “No… I don’t have any money or any place to stay. I might just sleep up here on this roof…”

“You’re staying with me. My siblings and I have enough room. I’m Gaara by the way.” Gaara stated. It hadn’t occurred to me that I didn’t ask him for his name. I guess since I already knew it, it never came to me to pretend like I didn’t and ask. Well an’t I a smart cookie? I’ll have to try and pay more attention.

“That sounds like fun!” I chirped and Gaara shook his head before motioning me to follow him.

(Me: What ya think??? I hope you liked it :D I'll be switching POVs a lot to keep up with whats happening to each character so beware!)

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