Snape's Daughter: A Harry Potter Love Story

Hey guys! This is my first story no in first personish? So I hope you like it, this will go through all the books by the books, not much will changed except a little romance, adventure, and a concerned parent... Hope you like it:) Ok I just posted the fifth! Hope you like it! Sorry its short, next soon! I have SO much planned for the Deathly Hallows so bear with me through ha like six books and then it gets really exciting! THESE ARE MY IDEAS SO PLEASE DONT TAKE THEM BE CREATIVE INSTEAD!!!!!!

Chapter 1


Thunder began to shake the skies, lightning flashed, and the trees swayed with the heavy winds. It was near midnight at Hogwarts school when Severus Snape heard cries coming from outside his office. He tried ignoring them, thinking it could turn into someone else's problem. However, he was mistaken. The whaling pierced the corridors and soon enough he gave in. Opening his door there lay a small baby, with it was a note. It was from his ex-fiancé, sighing, with pain, he read it.
I know you are probably unaware of the fact that before I left, I was pregnant. Although this child is beautiful, it is yours, and I want no part in that. I expect you to raise her, with love hopefully. She hasn't been named yet, but I felt that you could handle that. Raise her right.
He sighed, a sting in his heart. She had left him, in his moment of weakness with the Dark Lord. His heart never truly beat for her either. Thinking for a short moment, He immediately had the perfect name for the child, just by looking into her green eyes he knew he would love her more than anything in the world. Her name would be Lily.

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