What would my who would you fall for characters think of you???

This is actually pretty fun so please read the rules and please enter! ^o^

Chapter 1


If you don’t know what this is exactly, here’s how it goes. I ask you a series of questions and give a few scenarios. Based on how you answer each question and scenario will determine what each person in my wwyff would think of you. The questions about you also effect what they think of you, but not exactly appearance. The appearance questions and such are just to create you so I can see how you would fit in sort of.

Not every answer will be mentioned since this is what my characters think of you so there is no shame in how you answer the question! Don’t worry about it and just have fun answering these questions ^o^

Yes there are rules, but only a few.

You have to answer most if not all the questions. Don’t just answer the questions with your favorite character or something. The only acceptable ones to not answer are like extras, some favorites, and more info. Everything else you should be able to answer.

When you send your answers to me, I am aware that it may not fit so you can send me more than one message in a readable format. You can just give me answers if you want because I have the questions. You can also send both the questions and answers to me also but make sure it’s easy to understand.

When you send me your form list the subject as: What Wakemewithakiss666’s characters think of me so I know what it is. I will also post your results like this for each person: What my characters think of _____ (the blank space will be filled with either your quibble nickname or username I prefer username but tell me which one you want) I will also notify you when yours is up! Everyone will also be able to see your results which is fun too ^o^, but don’t comment anything mean or I will block you. ( no getting jealous or saying that so and so is dumb or something because that is just mean)

I will only do about 20 RESULTS! (if I even get that many) I don’t have too much time on my hands and I will tell everyone when it is over! Enjoy!!! ^o^

Name? (your real name and also tell me if you want your nickname on quibblo or username to be part of the title of this)

Hobbies/Anything you like to do?

Features (like height, weight, hair/eye color, skin color, freckles/no freckles, dimples/back dimples/none, skin color, whatever floats your boat)?


Extras (anything you want to add)?

If you came to this mythical world, what creature thing would you be? (pick one!):

Favorite Food?

Favorite Dessert?

Subject? (if any)


Like to read/write? (If yes state which one you’re answering)

Like to Exercise?

How did you meet them?

---------------Guy Character stuff

What character(s) do you like the most? Why? (Give some sort of reason besides they’re hot lol)

Are you shy? Loud? Would you hang out with all my wwyff characters?

Who would be in the “friend zone” and who would be your best friend(s)

Which character(s) would you get along with?

Which character(s) do you like the least? Why?

---------------------What do you think of…..








(the other mythical characters won’t be mentioned because you don’t really know them too well yet)


Claudia is attacking the house again!!! What do you do?!?!

Let’s say that it’s a full moon again and Zachary, Jaden, and Gavin get loose. What do you do?

You get sucked into a time portal and spits you out when Zachary mistakes you for his lover. What do you do this time? (No shame in how you answer at all *wink wink….maybe? lol)

Noah’s touchy feelyness is getting annoying. How do you get him away?

You’re playing Hide N’ Seek with Owen again, but you can hide in the house this time too. Where do you hide? You can put an end result too if you like.

You’re being nosey and are reading one of Jaden’s new stories that he didn’t finish yet. The book rips in half . What do you do now?

You see Gavin walking down the hall in his wolf/dog form. You walk past him and he changes into his human form, and continues down the hall. You turn around to see him naked. He doesn’t think you’ve seen him naked. What do you do?

You’re pressed against a wall by one of the boys. You don’t know who it is and OH NO! THEY”RE TRYING TO KISS YOU AGAIN!!!! NOT ANOTHER KISS!!!!! What do you do?!?!?

Nathan want to take you swimming at the spring again except this time he hints that maybe you guys could go skinny dipping. What do you do? (He’s possibly a sensitive soul when it comes to you so keep that in mind)

Zachary is getting depressed about his lost lover again. How do you help me if you do? What would you do?

If there is any other info you want to add you ahead ^o^


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