A Chucky Story!

A Chucky Story!

These stories take place after Seed of Chucky. But They are still dolls. Chucky & Tiffany are still together. & they have twins, Glen & Glenda!! This is my version & I don't own any names or characters & all that other crap. Be sure to read my other chapters after this one!!!

Chapter 4

Chelcy- The orphan doll

One day when Glen & Glenda were walking home from school, an orphan was walking in the middle of the street. The school bus came down the street. "Hey, watch out!", Glenda yelled. The orphan looked at her, but she got hit. No one saw, the driver didn't even feel her. The 2 went over to her. "She's anorexic.", Glen said. "Glen, reach in by bag & get me a trash bag.", Glenda said as Glen got the bag. They stuffed the orphan's body in the bag & continued home.

The twins walked in the door. Glenda pulled out the bag, "I have dinner!" "Oh, God no.", Tiffany said. as Glen pulled the orphan's body out of the bag. Tiffany screamed. "Wow! What did you do this time Glenda?", Chucky asked. "Nothing. The bus ran her over & didn';t feel a thing, & no one saw so we brought her home. Can we stuff her?", Glenda replied. Tiffany took the bag, "I'll take care of this", & went upstairs to the attic. The 3 sat down in the living room. Then Chucky said, "I'm afraid I know what she's doing."

After 15 minutes, Tiffany came downstairs, "I would like to present, Chelcy Nicole." A doll, 2-ft tall, orange hair, big blue eyes, a rainbow shirt, overall dress, & freckles came down the stairs. "Hi, I'm Chelcy, but you can call me Chelc." Her voice sounded like an angel's. "Tiff, why does she look like me?", Chucky asked. "Oh, Chucky, These aren't her only clothes. She has some of my old dolls' clothes just like the rest of us.", replied Tiffany. Chelcy skipped over To the couch where Glen & Glenda were sitting. "Hi!" She reached her hand out for a shake. Glen shook her hand, so gentle, "Glen." Then she reached her hand out at Glenda, "Glenda, but I don't shake." "Oh.", Chelcy said as she made her a fist. They fist pounded. Then they had dinner.

They got dressed for bed. Then Chelcy aked if she could go outside. Glen & Glenda sat in their bedroom.
"You like her."
"What, no way."
"Yes you do, I saw your eyes when you saw her."
"You're high."
"I also saw you try to spy on her when she was getting dressed."
"She's 7 Glen. She don't have much."

Glen left the room & went outside with Chelcy.

She was up in the tree. The horses were sleeping, so it was quiet. "Chelcy?", Glen whispered as he climbed the tree.
"Oh, hi Glen."
"Is everything alright?"
"Yeah. Yesterday I was just an orphan, now I have a family. But I'm dead & in a doll."
"Yeah, well we weren't just gonna leave you there."
"Well thank you Glen."
She put her head on his shoulder. "We should probably go inside now.", Glen suggested. "Yeah.

They went inside & showed Chelcy her bed. "Good night Chelcy.", Glen said. "Night, Chelc.", said Glenda. "Good night.", Chelcy said with a yawn & went to sleep.

When Chelcy was fast asleep, Glenda started to chant, "Glen & Chelcy sittin in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, the comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby-carriage. That's not all, that's not all, here comes the baby being a killer doll." "Shut up, Glenda.", Glen said.

The next day, they had breakfast & played outside with Sadie, Damien, & Killer. & the unpredictable happens- Chelcy gives Glenda a hug & Glen a kiss for saving her.


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