A Chucky Story!

A Chucky Story!

These stories take place after Seed of Chucky. But They are still dolls. Chucky & Tiffany are still together. & they have twins, Glen & Glenda!! This is my version & I don't own any names or characters & all that other crap. Be sure to read my other chapters after this one!!!

Chapter 3


It was the second week of school. Glen & Glenda were in the same class. They spent most of their day together.

Glenda didn't have friends because she was so evil. & Glen didn't have friends because he was made of fun of because he wore a purple shirt & had pale skin. He also was very odd. But they were the only ones who comforted eachother. Except for Mrs. Shan, who adored Glen. But she was afraid of Glenda.

One day, during recess, the most popular girl of the 1st grade, Brittney, & her posse of her best friends Leanne & Jake were talking about the twins. "Hey, don't talk to those freak twins. They pretty much have the same name. &, their parents are Chucky & Tiffany, the serial killers.", Brittney ordered. "I know right. They don't even have any friends.", Leanne & Jake exclaimed. That was it, & Glenda got all in their faces. "You know, you're right. My parents are serial killers. & they'll kill you too. So the next time you talk about my family, think about Chucky, with a knife 3 seconds from going into your neck. Have a nice day brats. Oh, & nice hair.", Glenda said as she walked away with her brother. Then Glen said, "Glenda I'm proud of you. You didn't even throw a punch." Glenda pulled a knife out of her bookbag. "Glenda put it away. Mummy says violence is bad.", he said. "No Glen, VIO-lins are bad. That screechy music's gonna mess up the whole damn country. Daddy says.", she replied back to her brother. "I give up! I'm gonna go get lunch.", Glen said as he walked his way over to the lunch room. Glenda walked quietly over to Brittney & Leanne. She gently grabbed her hair. She raised the knife & cut it to look like Jake's hair. Without anyone noticing, the 2 bullies went to the bathroom. Glenda sat down with her brother to eat lunch. Then they heard a loud scream. They ran into the cafeteria. "Who did this?!", they yelled. Glenda couldn't help but laugh. Mrs. Shan took Glenda into her room.

At the house, Tiffany got a call from school:
"Hello, Mrs. Ray, this is Mrs. Shan, Glenda's teacher. She has detention for cutting girls hair with a knife. Can you please come to my classroom for a conference?"

"Yes, of course. We'll be right over."

Chucky & Tiffany got there minutes later. "Glenda Rose & Glen Joeseph Ray! I'm disapointed in both of you!", yelled Tiffany. Chucky went over to Glenda, "I'm proud of you. How short was it?", he whispered. Glenda whispered back, "As short as Glen's hair. If you mess with the bull, you get the horns." Chucky gave Glenda a smile. She got aprovince from Chucky sometimes, but it was when she got good grades, & he would say, "Oh, great job Glenda." But when she was evil like that, he would tell her, "I'm so proud of you Dumplin!"

Then Glen & Glenda sat down. Mrs. Shan pulled Chucky & Tiffany into the other room.

"Glen is an absolute angel, but Glenda, she's just, hmm, she's uh, she's evil, Mr. & Mrs. Ray. She's an intelligent girl, & so is Glen, but they're polar opposites.", said Mrs. Shan. "They're like that at home too, but they love eachother & stay together.", Tiffany replied. "They spend actually too much time together at school. Glen & Glenda insisted on having their desks right next to eachother. & they sit alone at lunch. But Glen isn't into what Glenda does. He stays out of it & tries to stop her, but she does it anyway.", Mrs. Shan said. Then Chucky spoke up, "That's because Glenda's mine & Glen is Tiff's. Glenda perfers to have me as a role model, & Glen would have Tiffany as a role model. But they both love us equally & we love them both equally." "Oh, then that would explain these.", Mrs. Shan said as she pulled out 2 papers from her desk. "You see, we did a 'About Me' paper on the 1st day of school. I read Glen's first & it said he wanted to be a teacher when he grew up. Then I read Glenda's & it said she wanted to be a Hitman." Mrs. Shan looked over to the window that showed the room the twins were in. Glenda was staring at them. Mrs. Shan gasped. "Glenda scares me. But, they get made fun of because, well, you're dolls.", Mrs. Shan said.

When the conference was over, Chucky, Tiffany, Glen, & Glenda left the school. Tiffany gave Glenda a smile, & they got in the car. When they got home, everything was normal. It was just how Glenda liked it, the 4 of them, for now.


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