A Chucky Story!

A Chucky Story!

These stories take place after Seed of Chucky. But They are still dolls. Chucky & Tiffany are still together. & they have twins, Glen & Glenda!! This is my version & I don't own any names or characters & all that other crap. Be sure to read my other chapters after this one!!!

Chapter 2

A Family

Glen & Glenda were 6 now. Well they were turning 6. It was their birthday. They didn't have a party. But they had just as much fun with Chucky & Tiffany.

Chucky & Tiffany were downstairs making breakfast. Pancakes & bacon. The twins' favorite.

Glenda was still sleeping. But Glen was awake & dressed. "Glenda, wake up.", said Glen. Glenda woke up. Her scarlet hair was really big & all over the place. She looked at her alarm clock. It was 9:25. "(Gasp) I over slept! Glen you're so stupid! Why didn't you wake me up?!", yelled Glenda. "You looked so not evil sleeping.", replied Glen. "Shut up!", Glenda said as she got into the shower.

Glenda got a quick shower she got out & got into her pink dress. "Glen help me do my hair. Please.", Glenda said. "Only because you said please.", Glen said. Glen brushed & dried her hair. Then put some fake flowers in her hair. Glenda gave Glen a hug. "Thanks Glen.", said Glenda. "Hmph. Only on our birthday are you nice.", said Glen.

They went downstairs to find breakfast on the table. Their parents were together. Chucky was happier then he usually is. Glen could see the excspresion in Glenda's eyes. But she just smiled to hide it. "Good morning Apple Dumplin. Happy Birthday." "Yes, happy birthday you two.", said Chucky & Tiffany. "Apple" was Glen's nickname to make it fair. So together they were "Apple Dumplin". They ate breakfast together. Glenda just smiled away. Glenda finished first. She got up & put her dish in the dishwasher. "I'm gonna go outside & get some fresh air. Glen are you coming.", said Glenda. "I'll be right out. I wanna finish this first.", Glen said.

Glenda went outside & sat on the swing. A few minutes later Glen came out & sat on the swing next to her. "OK. Spill.", said Glen. "What are you talking about?", Glenda asked. "Glenda, I'm your older twin brother. We're the children of the most notorious killers in history & they use voodoo. If we didn't have ESP we wouldn't be theirs'.", Glen said. Glenda smiled a lil'. "(Sigh) Daddy doesn't spend much time with us anymore. He just eats, sleeps, & kills. Like a shark.", said Glenda. "You know, mum told me that when we were babies, dad loved you to death. & you adored him. Your first words were daddy.", said Glen. "I geuss you're right. Hey Glen, race you back to the house.", Glenda said as she ran to the house. "Hey, no fair! You know I can't run.", Glen yelled, taking second place. Glen looked over at the other side of the yard. "Hey, what's that shed?" "Ten $5 it's a pony." "Lets make it $10." "OK then. $30 it's 2 ponies & a puppy.", said Glenda. "That's $30 you'll have to put in my piggy bank.", said Glen.

Tiffany called them inside. "You guys wanna open your presents?", Chucky asked. "Yeah!!!", replied the twins. They opened the presents that were on the table. Their smiles were huge. Then Tiffany opened the back door. "Now for the real presents.", she said. They ran out the door to the mysterious shed. Chucky & Tiff catching up behind. They opened the shed door. They found 2 ponies & a black Bulldog puppy. "I knew it! You owe me $30!", Glenda said.

Glenda's was black with a white tail. She named her "Sadie". Glen's was brown with a black tail. He named him "Damien". They named the puppy "Killer". "I'm scared of what our grandchildren's names will be.", Tiff said. They spent the rest of the day, in the stable with the ponies & the puppy.

Glen & Glenda went to bed. They had made Killer his own bed. & Glenda's day went from good to amazing. Even though she is evil.


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