A Chucky Story!

A Chucky Story!

These stories take place after Seed of Chucky. But They are still dolls. Chucky & Tiffany are still together. & they have twins, Glen & Glenda!! This is my version & I don't own any names or characters & all that other crap. Be sure to read my other chapters after this one!!!

Chapter 1

Glen & Glenda

Chucky was in bed sleeping. It's been 3 days since Tiffany had gone into labor. Chucky was there but hit his head. So he forgot what the baby was.

Tiffany walked in the door. Chucky heard so he woke up & got dressed. "Chucky, I'm home! Come meet your children!", said Tiff. "Children?", Chucky thought to himself. He went down stairs to find Tiffany holding one baby in her
arms & the other in the carrier. "We had twins?", asked Chucky, still trying to put things together. "Yes silly Chucky. That's your son, Glen, in the carrier.", said Tiff. Chucky knelt down to look at his son. "He looks so much like you Chucky. It's almost a little scary. He has none of my features. But this lil' one does. Chucky come meet your daughter, Glenda.", said Tiff taking the blanket off Glenda's little chin. "D-d-daughter?", Chucky said as his heart skipped a beat. He came off his knees to look at his daughter.

Her dark red-orange hair filled her head. "She has your eyes Tiff.", Chucky said. Her bright green eyes were filled with evil. "Yeah, & your hair.", said Tiffany.

Chucky was still shocked that he had a daughter. "Chucky, can you take Glenda
so I can get Glen & bring them up to the nursery. "Yes.", said Chucky as Tiff handed him the little infant. Glenda smiled at her father.

They brought them to the nursery. Chucky wasn't fond of Glenda that much. But he smiled at her as he put her in her pink crib. "Think of it Tiff, soccer games, football, kill- I mean camping.", said Chucky. "Yeah & ballet recitals, softball, shopping, daddy-daughter dances, oh, & no killing,", said Tiffany. "Ugh, fine.", said Chucky.

Over the next couple weeks, Glen had said "Mum & Dad". He had a british accent that scared Tiffany & Chucky. But Glenda didn't say anything yet. She just laughed & giggled whenever she saw Chucky. She adored him. "She really loves you, Chucky. I know you're not excited about a daughter, but think of how much fun it could be. Just give her a chance.", said Tiffany as she put the baby medomiter through a belt loop in his pants. "& you have a whole hour or so to do so. I have to take Glen to the doctors for a checkup. You need to watch Glenda.", said Tiffany picking up Glen & kissing Chucky on the cheek.

Chucky looked down at Glenda's bright green eyes & scarlet hair over the dark pink crib sheets. "We should've named you Scarlet instead of Glenda." Glenda smiled at her father. "I think I'll call you 'Dumplin' like apple dumplin cause your hair's so red.", said Chucky. Then Glenda stood still for a second. "Daddy", said Glenda. She put her hands up & waved them to be picked up. "Daddy, daddy, daddy!", she said again. Chucky picked Glenda up. "You said your first words!", said Chucky

He grabbed the phone & called Tiffany. "Tiff, Glenda said daddy!", Chucky said. "That's great! See Chucky, I told you she's daddy's little girl. I'll be home soon, we're just leaving the doctor's office now", Tiffany said.

So Chucky now had a wonderful son & daughter who he loved very much.


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