New Eyes (LOTR Fanfiction)

Written By Voicelifter AKA Legolaslover2 and FayBlack AKA Awena_Evenstar.

Chapter 1

The Banishment of the Princess of Milandiar - Introduction

by: Undead_1
King Paraltilas of Milandiar had once been a wise Elf. He gave good council and was a very gifted and respected leader. But lately, he'd been acting . . . odd.

His daughter, Princess Katrielle Cliodhna Miriel, was worried about him. Katrielle had noticed his strange behavior in early months, and woke one day to find a dead servant lying a pool of blood. She ran to the Great Hall of their spacious marble-white palace to find her father washing off a whip drenched in blood.

Since that time, Katrielle had been attempting to unseat her father from his throne. Her father was resisting. But now came her last chance.

Given her gift of remembrance by an unknown wizard long ago, Katrielle had the power to recreate images of things she had seen and show them to other people. She had a device likened unto Galadriel's Mirror that served this very purpose. By a complicated string of magic, she would show the palace courtiers her thoughts -- the picture of the dead servant forever ingrained upon her mind would be sure to seriously disturb many of them.

She gathered a few courtiers and told them to meet her at her Nodiriel (her tool of sight) in a few minutes time, telling them it was urgent. Many answered the call and came forth to see her thoughts.

But her thoughts would remain a secret for at least a little while longer.

"KATRIELLE!" boomed a voice.

Just as the princess was about to pour the essence of her thoughts into the Nodiriel, her father swooped into the room, eyes hard and blazing.

He shouted at Katrielle, "Man carel le?" which translated means "What are you doing?"

She said, "Telling the truth."

He grabbed his daughter's hand. He had the gift of mind-sight and so could see her thoughts without me giving my consent. She knew as the expression of outrage on his face grew that he was seeing his own daughter's plan to overthrow him.

Then an evil grin cracked his face. "Katrielle Miriel, you are hitherto and henceforth banished from Milandiar, effective immediately!" He called, "Guards! Seize her!"

She tried to run away but one of them caught up to her, grabbing her arm roughly. The two guards dragged the princess to the borders of Milandiar and tossed her out. "Sorry, Princess Katrielle," said one of them regretfully. "But you need to stay away. You're safer far from here in any case."

And so she wandered far, far away from her home, never intending to return. She ended up near the Gap of Rohan . . . and it is in Rohan that our story begins.


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