A George Weasley and Fred Weasley Love story 4 READ INTRO

First off I would like to aplogize for no updating in a while so instead I've decided to short and sweet stories to get more out. Also I'm going to be writing Fred and Geirge's love story's on the same page so it goes George then Fred. Apart from that I hope you enjoy!!!!
p.s I got the years wrong your actually in seventh year with umbridge at the school

Chapter 1


It had been two weeks since I had spoken to George and I felt like some part of me was missing. I still spoke with Fred but Goerge seemed to disappear off with his girlfriend all the time. I miss my best friend but what I had done to him was terrible.
But i was going to forget about that and enjoy myself at Hogsmeade today with Cedric. I had met u with him a few times since our walk but he always had stuff on, qudditch or homework but I was being a supportive girlfriend so I didn't care.
I was sat down at breakfast when the owl post came. I recognize Cedric's owl before it even gave me the note:

I'm sorry but I'm bedridden with a weird disease and I can't make it to hogsmeade today. And before you even think about coming to cheer me up it's highly contagious (sp?) and I wouldn't forgive myself if you caught it.
Sorry to spoil your plans but I promise to make it up to you.

Well that just ruined my day!
I decided to head back up to the common room and catch up on some homework. When I got up there as I expected no one was there. I sighed to myself. A little part of me was hoping one of the twins would be here so I could tag along with one of them to Hogsmeade. I went up to my room and got all the books I would need and when i returned to the commen room I saw something I was expecting to see.
George sat by the fire doing homework!
I snuck up behind him and shouted in his ear in the best Magonnalcal (sp?) Icould:
"Mr Weasley"
"I promise it wasn't me professor" George immediatly replied. I burst out laughing and he turned around to see me. He suddenly lunged ontop of me and started tickling me and the couch.
"Stop it George!" I screamed but he kept tickling until I rolled him off me and we landed on the floor. I was on top of him and I looked straight into his eyes. Wow did I mention how I love those eyes?
simitaneously both lept up and stood rather awkardly beside each other.
"What are you doing here? i thought you would be off by now with Diggory"George said.
"He's ill probably man flu so I decided to stay and do some homework." I replied. "What about you?"
"Me ? where would I be?" Goerge asked.
"Off with your girlfriend I don't know" I answered.
"What I don't have a girlfriend, what gave you that impression?"
"Well you had that blind date and then you were always missing...."
"i had detention wiht Umbridge and I blew off that date because i felt bad because I would only be using her to make someone jealous."
"Jealous?" The plans were already formating in my head how I could set George up with the girl he fancies.
"Stop right there ---- we all know how your interfering turns out." We both laughed and sat back on the couch.
The rest of the day went by really quickly. I spent most of the day in the common room with George with a few adventurous trips to different places in the castle to pull some of our best pranks. flinch can't even say my name or the twins without crying like a baby!
The day was amazing and i was so glad I was back on speaking terms with George. I left George for a minute while I went and put my books away. A note was on my bed waiting for me.

I heard you were still at the castle and I 'm feeling a bit better. Come meet me by the lake after dinner.
Love Cedric

this day was turning out better than i hoped.I gave my excuses to George saying that Cedric had asked to see me. Instead of being angry he seemed like he was hiding something. I walked in to the black lake in a day dream. Today was better than what i had ever spent wiht Cedric. George made me feel so perfect.
I was in such a day dream I didn't notice the two people already down by the lake snogging each other's faces's off. I walked a little closer realising that it was Cedric and cho Chang! That slut!
I kept my distance waiting for Cedric to pull her off but they kept going at it. Evantually I gave a little cough and the two looked up. At first they gave me a look like back off can't you ssee we're in thew middle of something. As soon as Cedric realised it was me he leapt off Cho and tried to hug me.
"--- Liste-" I slapped him straight a cross the face and ran straight up to my room. I cryed myself to sleep that night.

That was it I had to break up with Credic and try and break Angelina and Fred up. I couldn't take it anymore! It had taken me all this time to realise that I like fred. More than a brother and it might be too late. One evening after dinner I lead Cedric into an empty classroom and sat him down. For a year he had been the love of my life but not anymore.
"Cedric list-"
"Don't worry I know." He interupted me.
"You like Fred. I've know for a while but I wanted to see if I could have you for a little longer." He got up and kissed my on the forehead and left. Well that was unexpected!
I ran the corridors hoping to find Fred before he went back to the common room. There he was.
"FRED" I screamed. No one was around but even if they were I would still scream.
" ---- Long time no see"
"Listen" The smirk on hos face took my breath away. "I need-"
"Fred, ---- how are you?" Angelina (sp?) came and slid an arm around Fred's waist. Damn she was good.
"I was just...erm..coming to ask you...erm...when's the next qudditch practice I'm doing a paper on ... erm...muggle excerside compared to wizard excerise." What a dumb thing to say. I sound like such a nerd. Angelina's face was rounded into a werid glare and Fred's just had a smirk on it.
"Sounds something my dad would be interested in, I don't know ask Harry."
"Okay cheers" And I walked off. I was too late and my eyes stang and a lump appeared in my throat as I held back the tears.

Fred's POV
Was she about to say she liked me? What was she going to say? Stupid Aneglina speaking of the devil.
"I bet she's just upset." She said as we walked back to the common room hand in hand. I wish it was --- hand but no she was ating Cedric.
"Upset?" I asked.
"Yeah haven't you heard she broke up with Cedric.'
"No one knows for sure but I think Cedric broke up with her because she is really clingly but the full facts aren;t out yet, well goodnight." She pecked me on the cheek and went upstairs to her dorm.
---- and Cedric were over! Why did I have to be with Angelina? Don't get ahead of yourself Fred she probably wanted someone to talk to. Well I was here for her and she knew that, I hoped.

Cedric's POV
Get over yourself Cedric you knew she liked him. But she still likes me. This internal arguement had been going on since --- broke up with me. That's it I did still like her. No not like her love her. No you couldn't do that...but I could. And I'm going to. I'll get Fred and ---- together then steal her back from him so he knows the pain he caused me and I'll get --- back.


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