Happy As A Squirrel (Brian Rosenthal)

Chapter 1

Burger King With The Kings Themselves.

It was a normal day, in the beginning. I was just shopping for a few new dresses, when I spotted him, Brian Rosenthal, in the center of the mall, wearing a cardboard sign that read, Free Hugs. He wore his yellow sunglasses and cat whiskers were drawn on his face (in what looked like permanent marker), and the little hat he wore for Seamus' part in A Very Potter Sequel.

He was looking around, swaying a bit, and spotted me looking. He opened his arms, and I giggled, thinking, Hey, Why Not hug my absolute favourite StarKid?

I walked forward reluctantly and he positivley beamed. My heart was beating fast and I felt my face pale from nerves and anxiety. Was he seriously going to let me hug him? I was about to hug Brian Rosenthal!

"Ohmygod, you're Brian Rosenthal." I giggled when I got close, and he pulled me in for a hug, and he said into my hair, "Yes, yes that is me. Who are you?" The cardboard annoyed me for a fraction of a second but it was worth it, I got to hug Brian Rosenthal. I was hugging Brian Rosenthal. Could you believe it? Well, I couldn't.

"I'm Callie." I replied immediately. Instead of stuttering like normal people when I'm nervous, I'd talk really fast, as if I were on fast forward.

"Nice to meet you, Callie." He said, pulling back and smiling kindly at me, dropping his arms from my shoulders. His warmth left me, and my shoulders drooped.

"Soo..who dared you to do this?" I asked him, tapping the cardboard knowingly, raising an eyebrow, straining to keep up conversation with Brian Rosenthal.

"Lost a bet with Walker." He shrugged, and I laughed at his little grimace. Walker! Oh My Gosh! I'm really having a conversation with Brian Rosenthal, about Joe Walker! They're real!

"I don't believe my eyes..." Someone said behind me..it was strangely familiar. I turned to see Jim Povolo! That strange, not-so-deep-as-Goyle's voice!

He was staring, dumbfounded, and he stuttered, "G-g-guys look! Br-Brian got a hug! From a girl!" He was pointing with a shaky finger at the two of us. I didn't know whether of not I should laugh or be surprised as well. Was he just making fun of Brian? Or was he genuinely surprised?

Then, I tried not to gasp. Joe Walker, Joey Richter, and Darren Criss, StarKids. Right in front of me. And I just hugged one. I got a hug from a StarKid! I got close enough to hear his heart!

"W-w-Walker! Pinch me." Darren whispered, mouth wide, to Walker, still staring at Brian and I. I was blushing, and so was Brian. Darren Criss! Aggghhh! He wore dark sunglasses and a little hat, as if it would hide who he was from crazy fans (erm, me?).

"What are they on about?" I asked quietly to Brian, trying not to offend the StarKids by excluding them in talk. I glanced quickly at Brian, and he was looking at Darren and Jim.

"They were thinking I'd get zero hugs. I got 2 now!" He chuckled silently to me, "They went on about how they thought I'd get a hug from a squirrel...much to my disappointment, I didn't." I laughed at the true disappointment in his voice, and he looked around the mall as if he'd spot a squirrel looking for a hug.

"That's it. This calls for celebration. I'm starving anyway." Darren shrugged, and Joey and Jim exclaimed, "Hazar!"

Was I coming? Should I ask...no, that's intruding, Callie!
Oh, shut up, me.

"Callie? You coming?" Brian asked me, taking me out of my own head for a moment. "Oh-wha? I'm allowed?"

He laughed, "Allowed? It's an invitation. Come on." I smiled and blushed, looking down at my feet as we started walking. I walked a little behind them, so they knew I wasn't intruding or desperate.

"Callie? Get over here." Brian then said, grabbing my elbow and pulling me next to him. I smiled wider and said, very quietly, "Thanks."

My heart was beating rather fast and uncomfortably, and my face was red. I hated being this nervous. These guys were killing me.

"Guys, disguises." Darren suddenly told us, and I just smiled as everyone quickly pulled a hat onto their head and dark glasses, like Darren.

"You're left out..here.." Brian said in a genuinely sad voice, and he handed me his sunglasses and hat, then pulled his black hood over his head. I smiled nervously and looked at him like, 'You sure?' He grinned, "Come on, Callie!" He put the glasses on my face himself, and then he set the hat on my head. I blushed furiously.

I was wearing Brian Rosenthal's glasses and hat. I was walking with the Starkids. Well, at least, some of them.

"Burger King!" Joe declared grandly, and we entered the place. "Oh God." Darren groaned. The girl taking orders and telling the staff to make it was wearing a blue headband like the one Joey and Darren would wear, not to mention she had the actual AVPM shirt on.

"Another fan.. order for me, will you?" Darren asked Joe nervously, and I saw Joe smirk, "Sure, buddy."

"Thanks man." Darren muttered, and he left to the tables, quickly.

"He never said what to get him." Joe said gleefully, then he and Povolo started to plot with evil smirks. I still couldn't believe this at all. I was with the Starkids, just getting food, because I decided to hug Brian Rosenthal.

"Okay, we'll get that..." I heard Povolo reply, a hint of a snicker in his voice, then Joe turned around to face me, "Tell us about yourself. All we know is that you're a stranger with very bad taste.." My head went back just a bit, taken aback at the insult, then he quickly added, "I mean in men, you know, Brian.."

"Oh. I-it was just a hug.." I mumbled, redder. Was Joe Walker really telling me that I had something with Brian? Or at least he thought I thought I did?

"Mhhmmm...suree..just tell us about yourself." He said, moving up a single place in line.

"Uhmm...I'm 20..I like painting..colors...animals..I have a cat...uhm..I don't know what else to say." I shrugged, and Joe laughed, "Colors? Animals? Painting? You remind me of a 6 year old."

I blushed more.

"You blush a lot. You look, you look like a freaking tomato! Why are you blushing?" Joe asked me as Jim ordered, paid, and sat down at a table.

"I'm with you guys..I'm usually clumsy..I'm nervous..." I mumbled, embarrassed to admit this. I wish I were more outgoing around these guys.

"Why do people get so nervous around us?" Joe muttered, and he quickly ordered in a voice most unlike his own, it sounded really, really strange. Not Umbridge or Voldy, but like a Brian Holden voice; a normal voice.

"Play along." Brian muttered to me, then he said excitedly, "I have an Idea."
Oh SNAP! What's the idea, do you think? (: Well comment and rate! Faaavorite? Thanks for reading, I'll work on the next chapter xx

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