See No More (Joe Jonas) Love Story- Chapter 1

This is a love story about Joe Jonas and a lucky girl who steps in his path.. it changed point of views! Thanks so much for reading.. comment if you'd like :)

Chapter 1

Joe Jonas chapter 1

(Joe Jonas Point of View) you open your eyes and see the whole city of LA.. the city that built your reputation. After a seventeen hour flight from London you were glad to finally see some familiar buildings. The plane lands at LAX and you grab the one thing you always have with you, your guitar case. A 1977 acoustic collectors guitar. It was your baby. Since the recent break from your band with your brothers, things had been way different. You began starting on your own recordings and flying from place to place alone. Well of course always having your new body guard (David) around. He was 250 pound man of steel! There was no doubt in your mind that David could knock someone out with the first blow. You and David headed out to the limo that was waiting. A middle aged man opened the door for you "good day Mr.Jonas" you nodded and got in. A little disappointed that you couldn't have the fresh California breeze in your face. So the limo headed down the freeway. The best destination of the day.. your mansion. The limo pulled up to your 3 story brick house. The same guy opened your door.. and once again you nodded. "Have a good evening Mr.Jonas" the man said politely. You opened your door and sighed. Good to be home. You checked your house phone for any messages. One from your mom "Hi sweetie, just called to see if you landed soon!" and another from your recording studio "hey Joe, its Mark from the studio, a big time radio station for Miami was hoping you could come and do an interview. A little girl named Mia is a huge fan of yours. The mom was hoping you could come and surprise her at the Radio Studio on Tuesday. Call back asap." you tapped your fingers on the wall and thought about all the more flying you had to do. But it was for a fan. That is whats important. You called him back and told him it would work. So another plane ticket to Miami.. better be worth it. CHAPTER 2 COMING SOON!

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