7 Minutes in Heaven!AKATSUKI STYLE!!!!!GIRLS ONLY!!!

7 Minutes in Heaven!AKATSUKI STYLE!!!!!GIRLS ONLY!!!

So i finally got around to making it,going into highschool and had to get all the paperwork and stuff done with my madre!Well this is the story
Each chapter is a different person.I decided to make them kinda romantic....So hidans is probably gonna be last kuz....its gonna take alot of thinking power to make him romantic....The first chapter is about you and the story pic is what you look like.

Chapter 3

A Bird

The bowl had finally come around to you.Since you and Konan were the only girls there.It had been funny watching guys go in with guys. The last pair that went in had been Hidan and Kakazu."Looks like Kakazu finally came out of the closet un(giggles i just had too)" Kakazu shot a death glare at Deidara who had made the cr@py joke. "Just someone else go already!" Leader-sama was beggining to become inpatient. You quickly stuck your hand in the bowl and pulled out a peice of paper with a bird.
You:A bird... Deidara stood up and walked into the closet. You sat there and blushed because you had always had a small crush on Deidara even though you were best friends. And you hid it well you messed with him all the time
Deidara:Are you comming or what un? You stood up quickly and followed him into the closet.When you got in the closet you sat on the floor and you thought you heard Deidara sit on the other side of the closet.
You:Deidara are you there? silence
Deidara:Why must you mock me un
You:Oh someone is snippy today isn't she Dei-chan
Deidara:Don't call me that!Im not a girl un!
You:Are you sure? Your throwing a hissy fit like a girl right now
Deidara:If you don't stop I'll-
You:You'll wha-you were cut off by a pair of lips crashing into yours.
You:D-deidara what are you doing.your face was red
Deidara:You have no clue how long I've wanted to do this Kiko-chan
At first you were startled and then you got into it kissing him back.he pulled away and you could see his blue eye. He cuped you face and you could feel the tounge on his hand licking your face,you got a chill and you moved your face back to Deidara's and kissed him lightly,this then slowly turned into a make-out session.Deidara's hand was slowly making its way down your neck licking and leaving you with goosebumps. Deidara pulled away and you couldnt hold it any more. You practicly ripped off his Akatsuki cloke.You moved your hands along his chest and felt his muscles. He then lowerd his head and started undoing your clokes buttons with his teeth and when it was off started kissing from your neck down to your chest until he reached a certin, senstive spot shall I say.
You:Dei-moan all of a sudden the door swung open.
Deidara proceided to quickly get on his cloke while you did the same.
Leader:I am officialy ending this game, I think we have all had enough exitement for one night. You were about to stand when Deidara picked you up and slung you over his shoulder.
You:Dei-chaaann what do you think you are doing
Deidara:Im going to finish where I left off, a tru artist never leaves his work unfinished un. Sasori stopped him
Sasori:Im guessing im going to be sleeping on the couch tonight?
You laughed and said he could sleep in your room because Konan would also be occupying another bedroom tonight.
And lets just say that the rooms in you vacinity did not get much sleep last night because you and Deidara were, as it was explained to Tobi "playing the bouncy bed game"
So I hope you all enjoyed it because there was such a high demand for Deidara. Im going to be writing much more often now and I might even write a few limes. So feedback and rates would be nice!! As well as comments and messages! PEACE AND LOVE

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