7 Minutes in Heaven!AKATSUKI STYLE!!!!!GIRLS ONLY!!!

7 Minutes in Heaven!AKATSUKI STYLE!!!!!GIRLS ONLY!!!

So i finally got around to making it,going into highschool and had to get all the paperwork and stuff done with my madre!Well this is the story
Each chapter is a different person.I decided to make them kinda romantic....So hidans is probably gonna be last kuz....its gonna take alot of thinking power to make him romantic....The first chapter is about you and the story pic is what you look like.

Chapter 2

Four straight lines

So you and Konan were just sitting on the couch watching TV and minding your own buisness when Tobi came running over all exited and stood in front of the TV.
Tobi:Yukiko-chan!Konan-sama! You both looked at him.
You:Hi Tobi...
Konan;What do you want?she sounded kinda annoyed.
Tobi:Tobi and others want Yukiko-chan and Konan-sama to play a game!!!
You and konan looked at eachother.
Both:What game?
Tobi;7 minutes in heaven!
Both:NO WAY TOBI! Tobi went over to you and started pulling you up by the hand.
You:[slaps Tobi's hand] Bad boy Tobi!
Tobi:Tobi no bad boy! Tobi is a good Boy! You rolled your eyes
Konan:Well maybe it could be fun...She looked at you
You;......Okay...I'll play to.
Tobi:Yay! He tried to pull your sleeve
You;Tobi....if you try to do that again I will break your arm. Tobi let go and went behind Konan
Tobi:Yukiko-chan scary O_o..... Tobi told you and konan to sit on the floor and wait.He went and got everyone.Everyone drew something on a peice of paper and put it in a bowl.
Tobi:Yukiko-chan!You go first! You reluctantly put your hand in the bowl and pulled out a peice of paper with four straight lines on it
You:Who has four straight lines? Leader-sama stood up and walked over to the closet
Leader-sama:Are you coming?
You:whisperSorry konan
Konan:whisperIts fine Yukiko. You walked over to the closet and went inside. You didn't really think you would do anything so you just sat on the floor.You couldn't see where leader-sama was and you really didn't care.
Leader-sama:What are we supposed to do in here anyway? you were supprised he said anything.
You:Well....people usualy kiss or sumthing like that....it's so stupid.Don't you think so?
Leader-sama:Ya,I guess. He sat down next to you.You had actually kinda liked Leader.Like more than normal,but he never talked to anyone but Konan.
Leader:I have to tell you something. you felt yourself blushing
You;What is it Leader-sama?He looked at you
Leader:I have...kinda...admired you from afar...you looked at him and started blushing harder.
You:Really?His hand touched yours
Leader:Really....You turned your head and looked at him yours wide and filled with joy.
You:I...kind...like you to Leader-sama......You couldn't see but Leader was blushing.You were still in shock from what he said before,when you then suddenly felt Leader's lips against yours.They were soft and their touch sent a feeling of warmth through your body.The kiss became more pashinate,and you started kising back.There was about one minute left.His lips fell from yours.
Leader:I love you Yukiko.
You:I love you too Leader-sa-you were cut off by Leader
Leader:Call me Pein.You smiled
You:Okay....I love you to Pein. You both kissed eachother and then the door swung open.Everyone saw you and Pein kissing.
Dei-chan:Aw how cute,un! Pein helped you up and you walked back to your seat blushing.
You glared at he.You:What
Konan:That was cute!
Yeah that kinda sucked but its harder when the people are the bad guys who seem to have no heart...This seiris might take a while.Comment and Rate please.And if you want you can give me some ummmm clues or sumthing to make it better.PEACE AND LOVE <3

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