7 Minutes in Heaven!AKATSUKI STYLE!!!!!GIRLS ONLY!!!

7 Minutes in Heaven!AKATSUKI STYLE!!!!!GIRLS ONLY!!!

So i finally got around to making it,going into highschool and had to get all the paperwork and stuff done with my madre!Well this is the story
Each chapter is a different person.I decided to make them kinda romantic....So hidans is probably gonna be last kuz....its gonna take alot of thinking power to make him romantic....The first chapter is about you and the story pic is what you look like.

Chapter 1

About You

Name:Yukiko Jaakunachi
Village of Origin:Konoha
Ninja Status:Missing nin/Akatsuki
Personality:You abandoned Konoha after you became a full on ninja,for a few reasons,one being people were kinda scared of you and another being your brother abandoning the village and going with Orochimaru.After he left you had no family and became really reserved and dark.You started to not really have any friends because of your brother,he killed your whole family(Not clan,FAMILY...well i guess that could be your clan but whatever) When you joined the akatsuki you expected it to be all quiet and evil and no one would be friends.But once you got used to it you started becoming friends with members.And now its just like family.Your really good friends with deidara,tobi,and sasori. Konan is your best friend though.You have pink eyes,pale skin,and long red hair with a black bow.

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