You're The Rose To My Rosenthal (A Brian Rosenthal Love Story)

You're The Rose To My Rosenthal (A Brian Rosenthal Love Story)

Hey guys!! So I decided to write this cause let's face it Brian Rosenthal is totally awesome. Please comment and rate.
Thanks awesome people!!
Name- Ashleigh Miles(Ash)
Age- 22
Appearance- long brown hair slightly wavy, light blue eyes, average height, slim build
Personality- nice to everyone, fun, bubbly, funny, courageous, smart
Random- best friends with Brian, lives in Michigan, plays piano and can sing plus act, best friend- Kaitlin Smith
This starts after the production of MAMD.

Chapter 1

Too Long and Phone Calls

by: Asha1
"Come on. Pick up. Pick up," I kept saying to myself while I rang him. It was nine in the morning so he should be up.
"Hi my name is Brian and who is there?" he sang.
"Why it's your best friend Ash and I say hi," I sang back. We always answered our phones like that to each other.
"Hey Ash. What is up?"
"When was the last time I saw you?" I asked him.
"Three years ago when you were 19. It's been way too long."
"Well, you won't be saying that for long cause I am coming to Chicago!" I exclaimed. "Plus I also watched A Very Potter Musical so I saw you a week ago and you would've known sooner if you ever pick up your bloody phone."
"Well, sooooorry. Anyway, when are you coming?"
"WHAT!? And you wait until now to tell me?" He obviously sounded annoyed and excited at the same time.
"I'm not the one who doesn't call back after the uh, I don't know, ninetieth voicemail message that I left saying that I was coming."
"Touche. Anyway, where are you staying?"
"Oh, you remember my best friend Kaitlin or K as you used to call her? Well, she recently moved to Chicago and wanted a roommate and she invited me to be said roommate and she's been helping me move all my stuff. So right now I am packing up all my stuff and moving it to the apartment in Chicago so you might be lucky enough to see me today."
"Well, I had a good feeling when I woke up this morning so I guess it will be my lucky day," he said. "So where is this apartment?"
"If it is your lucky day the address might come to you," I teased.
"You are kidding right?" I stayed silent. "Right?" he asked again sounding a bit worried.
I laughed and said, "Yes Bry. I am kidding. No one is that lucky."
"You had me worried there. So address?"
I gave him the address and we continued talking about random stuff and somehow got on the subject of what was the best name for a cat. I honestly couldn't remember how we got to that. I had a feeling it was because of Dr Seuss and the cat in the hat. Still don't know how we got to that even.
"Anyway, I should go and pack the last of my stuff in my car and come to see you and settle into my new home. And Paula? For a cat? What's wrong with you?" I asked.
"Hey, I thought that was a good name for a completely white cat."
"Uh huh. Sure." I rolled my eyes. "This was Ash and I'm now saying bye," I sang.
"And this was Brian and I say see ya," he sang back.
I smiled and hung up walking to my car with two boxes. Then my phone beeped saying I had a message. I put the boxes in my car and pulled out my phone. The message said:
'PAULA. :-)'
I laughed and texted back 'Yeah, you just keep telling yourself it's a good name and it might come true. :P'
I climbed into the driver's seat and my car purred to life. It was a silver Lexus convertible IS250 that my dad had given me a year ago. It was his old car because he bought an even more expensive one. My dad has always been a big rev head and always wants the best car which according to my mum is the only flaw he has. (pic- scroll down to 2nd pic)
My phone rang once again and I was relieved to see it was Kaitlin.
"What is up KT?" I answered.
"Must you always call me that?" she asked.
"Okay," she said happily. She was as just as bubbly as me, even more. She always said that she was hyper. "You coming now?"
"Yes and can you not call me in the next four hours as I will be driving? Can you do that?" I asked as if she was five.
"I'll try to restrain myself," she joked and laughed. "One thing."
"Did you watch AVPM and MAMD like I told you to?"
"Yes I did and they were hilarious. Was it better to be in the audience?"
"I think so. Anyway, see ya soon Ash dogga," she said in a perky tone.
"Are you especially hyper today?"
"Yep. Bye."
"Bye and lay off the sugar."
I hung up and breathed in deeply and let it out.
"Let it begin," I said to myself and started to drive towards Chicago.

Four hours later I pulled up outside the apartment and Kaitlin came running out. I jumped out of my car (I mean that literally) and she swallowed me in a bear hug.
"I can't believe you're here," she squealed in excitement not letting go of me.
"Yeah. Me too," I managed to get out. "Call 911. Can't breathe," I choked out.
She let go of me. "Sorry. I'm just so excited," she said jumping up and down.
"What did I say about your sugar intake?"
"I didn't have sugar. It's this amazing thing called energy with some help of caffeine."
"You know it."
"Well, if you have all this energy you can carry some boxes," I said gesturing towards the five boxes in my car.
"Sure and sweet car. Did your rev head of a dad give it to you?"
"How do you know that?"
"Cause I am amazing. I'm shocked that you had to ask. We've known each other since we were five."
"I'm so sorry. Did I hurt your feelings?"
"Yes," she said in a sad voice.
"Toughen up you sissy," I said patting her on the back and grabbing a box.
"I was being sarcastic you fvcking hipster!" she quoted.
"Katie that's silly," I said in my best impression of AJ as the heart.
"Come on. Let's set up your bedroom."

Two hours later after painting my room an aqua colour we were eating red vines waiting for the paint to dry.
"This is as boring as watching paint dry," I said laying on my back.
"Because that is what we are doing. Did you just notice that?" she asked as if I was an idiot. Which I suddenly felt like.
"I'm slow today. Sue me."
"Here have a pepsi," she said handing me a can.
I opened it and bit off the ends of a red vine and used it as a straw. Katie looked at me weirdly.
"Yes?" I asked.
"Interesting," she simply said and did the same with her pepsi and a red vine. "And it works!"
"Well, duh."
There was a knock on the door and we ran to it. She opened the door and there he was standing in the doorway, smiling. Brian Rosenthal.

Hey ppls. Thanks for reading and please comment telling me what you think and if I should continue. Stay supermegafoxyawesomehot!!
Ash :D

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