A Poem

Chapter 1


No one ever listen, no one really cares.
No one seems to see the scars that we bare.
No one knows the things we do.
No one know us, always asking 'Who?'

So here we sit, sewing up these torn lives.
Here we sit, looking up at those steel knives.
The relations are old and worn.
Our lives our sad and torn.

The love and the hate,
The lies and the fate.
All of it, just a dream I had.
Us, them, all of it and it makes me sad.

To dream something painful.
To wake up to something worse and hateful.
The you I saw wasn't real.
The me I swore I could feel.

The mirrors reflecting the lies.
The green earth and blue skies.
The feelings that weren't there.
These thoughts I'm forced to bare.

All the things I wished to be true.
All these people that I know rue.
The hopes and the dreams.
All just undone seams.

The sadness that over comes me.
The person I wish I could be.
The hatred that you all see.
The harshness I don't need.

Last night I had a dream, I saw everyone I used to know.
They asked me why I left and forgot them.
But they forgot me first, just like soft grass, under angry snow.
So they went their separate ways, leaving on;y a light, old and dim.

All these insecurities I hide,
All the things I want to confide.
The tears I never let fall
And the love that would cure it all.

I only dream that one day I wont have this.
And I dream that I can someday find bliss.
I wish that there was no hate in the world.
And I wish that we could all just love on another.

But it is only a dream that will not last.
A dream that is ending fast.
A dream that haunts my night.
A dream that also holds up my light.

A dream alone cannot heal the world...


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