My Crew! :D

Im Only Doing The People Who Matter To Me And Who I Like...So If Yer Not One Here Dont Feel Bad Doesnt Mean I Hate You!

Chapter 1

My Crew! :D

Dwight-I Loves You To Death! I Have No Idea What Or Where I'd Be At Without You,Your My Best Friend And Teddy Bear AND My First Daddy! I Couldnt Imagine My Life Without You And You Say Your Not Special! D: Yer Pretty Darn Special To Me! And Remember We're Gonna Go Stalk Destery! xD And....


Sarah-Girrrlllll Haha I Loves You To Death,You Give The Best Advice Ever And The Best Girl-Friend I Ever Had I Hope We Never Grow Apart Because We're Like This Crosses My Fingers Haha

Gerardo-Yer So Weird/Loveable/Cute/Hot/Sexy xD My Fhuck Buddy And Mommy Yer My Freakin Ball Of Sunshine! Love You(:

Teresa-I Know I Havent Known You Long But We Get Along And Yer Awesome Also The Best Aunt Ever! xD

Stone-YOU NEED TO GET ONLINE! Haha Your Terrible At Passwords But Yer My Dad And I Love You

Ashley-You Said I Needed A Fhuck Buddy And I Gots One So Ha! xD Pshh And Yer Not An Assshole To Me! So I Already Love You

Skylar-When We First Met Late At Night xD With Yer Legit Hair Everyone Still Wants Haha Yer Awesome And I Love You

Raqui-Niggga You Need To Get Internet Connection! Yer My Sexy Friend And I Love You

Alex-Yer Awesome And Make Me Laugh When Needed I Love You

Vanessa-Remember When We First Met I Yelled At You Because Of Dwight xD But Now Were Good Friends Love You!

Blake-I Never Get To Talk To You Much Because Of Dwight Haha But I Miss You And I Loves You

Vinnie-Never Online Enough But Yer Adorable And I Miss You

Lacey-Yer Funny And Awesome And I'd Wish We Could Talk More(: Love You

Damian-We've Been Through Some Crap But I Love You Still As My Friend

Alyce-Yer My Motherfhuckin Legit Friend And I Love You

Carly-Havent Known you Long But Yer Epic And Cool

Amy-My Friend That Makes Me Laugh Love You(:

Rei-Yew Still Have To Share Yer Taco Bell With Me! xD I Love You

People You Dont Know~

Snowy-You Help Me See The Real Life And I Love You

Amy-Girly Yer Weird And Epic/Silly Even though People At School Push You Around Im Alway Here Fer You Because I Love You

Kaylee-Even Though Yer Queit We Love To Have Convos About Hot Guys xD Love You!

Kayla-BE NICE TO KAYLEE SHE'S YOUR TWIN! Ypu Ignore My Hugs And We Cal Each Other Names But Yer Loveable And I Love You


Dalton-Yer Legit And Tall Hehe I Love You(:

Rayne-Yer My Cupcake And Makeout Buddy! Love Yews

June-Yer An Stubborn Fhucker Like Dwight xD But Cute And Yer Lucky I Love You

Rave-Gerardo Still Wants To Make Out With You But I Dont Blame Him Yer Yummy xD
I Know I Love ALOT Of people LIKE FAMILY!


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