Music Binds Us, Cameras Blind Us (A Brendon Urie Love Story)

Music Binds Us, Cameras Blind Us (A Brendon Urie Love Story)

This is my panic at the disco love story, Lets just say Jayla is the lead guitarist and Ryan plays keyboard and guitar. I love Brendon
He isn't bi in this story. and sorry if the time line isn't perfect.

I have been meaning to start this for a while
All songs used belong to Panic at the Disco
and other bands

Chapter 1

From Italy To Las Vegas

I sat there talking to my friends Autumn and Carter. They are my American friends in Monte Carlo. "Are you sure you are gonna leave us, and your family?" I nodded and said "I am the black sheep of my Italian family, plus one of Spencer's friends is coming to get me, I hope it's Ryan." Ryan and I go way back, Spencer is my older cousin. Just then a guy sprinted up to us, and in bad Italian asked "Do you know where a girl named Jayla is?"
Brendon's POV
"Oh sure how hard is is to find one girl in all of Monte Carlo!" I asked Spencer sarcastically. Spencer said "I'll send you her picture." I couple seconds later I got a picture of a girl with choppy layered black hair, blue eyes, and snake bites. I blinked and asked "Is that a collage graduation picture?" I heard a laugh and Ryan said "Yeah, she graduated last year." I blinked dumbfounded, why was a getting an adult? "Well why do I have to the the 22 year old?" more laughing "Dude, she only just turned 18. My cousin is really smart for her age. Therefore she graduated early, but she said she should be in the shopping place." I sigh and told him goodbye hanging up. I sprinted up to the the next girl with emo hair to see what color her eyes where. My luck took a turn for the better. In my best Italian witch is still pretty bad I asked "Have you seen a girl named Jayla any where?" The three looked somewhat American, they all wore black skinny jeans, different hoodies, and assorted band shirts. The boy was in a Slipknot shirt, the girl with bleached blond hair was in a My Chemical Romance shirt, the black haired girl wore a Fall Out Boy shirt. The ones with bleached hair stood and said "Call us later Jayla, your ride is here." I gaped at the girl, she had taken out the piercings and her hair was a little shorter. She was really pretty, she looked at me a protested "You aren't Ryan!" I shrugged and said "He had class, Spencer just didn't want to come." she seemed to process that and then said "I am JD, Jay, or Jayla. I have my bag packed. You got the tickets?" I nodded and said "I'll help you with your bag. Where do you have it?" she led me to a large house that seemed kinda old. Inside it was huge with at least three floors. A woman was standing there talking to a guy, he had his back turned so I couldn't see his face. The woman had long black hair, olive skin, and deep brown eyes. She must be her mom, I thought. The woman looked at Jayla with a mixture of disgust and annoyance, the man turned around he had brown hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin. "Jay, I-oh who is this?" he asked referring to me. I smiled not knowing what to do, Jayla looked at him and said "This is...." she stopped and looked at me. I leaned down and whispered "Brendon." She regained composer and said with confidence "Brendon, he's Spencer's friend from Las Vegas." They nodded and the woman said with a heavy Italian accent "Well take her away, I don't want to see her depressing face!" The man said "Mama, she is your daughter." Jayla looked at me and whispered "On the second floor you'll see a bag outside a door, along with a backpack grab them and don't come down until you hear the yelling stop." I nodded and said "Okay, you gonna fight them?" she shrugged and said "Probably just my mom. It's up there though." I walked off, as soon as I got the to stairs I heard yelling. "YOU SHOULD LEAVE NOW YOUNG LADY, YOU ARE NOT MY CHILD!" Jayla retorted "Yeah, I'm not a puppet." I saw the bags in the hall. "Bingo." I whispered to my self. I waited for them to stop, soon they did. I walked down carrying the bags, Jayla looked at the guy and said "I love you Eli, you are an awesome big bro." with that she hugged him. He smiled at his little sister and kissed her forehead. She looked at me and said "Ready to go Brendon?" I nodded and said "When you are." We walked out the door, she got a taxi and we went to Las Vegas.


Jayla's POV
I was sitting listening to my Ipod, Brendon was playing on a Nintendo DS. After a few landings we where in London, after a long flight we landed in Washington D.C.. Brendon looked at me and asked "You sleepy, you look so." I nodded. He grinned Man he's cute. I thought, "You can sleep on my shoulder, I don't mind." I said "Thanks, that's really nice." I put my head on his shoulder and fell asleep. A few hours later we landed in Las Vegas, it was about 8 in the morning. I was checking my baggage as Brendon was calling Spencer to get him to come get us. Later I saw a guy with hair like Eli's walking thought the crowd with a guy with chocolate brown hair cut in a fowhawk with bangs. Brendon waved to them as they came over. "JAYLA! My god you are all grown up!" the emo one said. I blinked "Ryan, is that you?" He nodded and said "Wow, I remember when you use to wear basketball shorts and a jersey, your hair was cut in bob." I laughed and looked at the other guy and asked "Spence?" he smiled at me and said "Hey cous." I hugged the two of them. They led me out to a car and we piled in. Spencer drove for a while and stopped at a two story house. "Come on in, I'll show you your room." Spencer had moved out of his house last year and bought a house. We walked into the house,up a flight of stairs and into a really big room. "Here you go, this is your room. Is it okay?" I cheered and said "IT'S AWESOME, are the wall kinda soundproof?" He nodded and said "Yeah, why?" I smiled and said "I kinda brought lots of money to buy a new stereo and some CD's." He grinned and said "Okay, yeah sure." I stared to unpack the duffel bag into the dresser. There was a big full body mirror, and a walk-in closet. I was putting my books on the book shelf when Brendon walked in and sat on the big King Sized bed. "Is that all the clothes you brought?" he asked me. I nodded and said "My mom is gonna sell the rest, or burn them. Probably the latter of the two." He smiled and said "Then we are taking you shopping later." I blinked That's gonna be interesting. I thought. After I was done Brendon ran down the stairs to tell them about my clothes situation. I had bought a bunch of band shirts and skinny jeans, Hi-tops and some hats. I was checking out while the guys where laughing about they way Spencer looked in a hat. We went back to the house and I went to put away the clothes, I had also bought a Statocastor guitar from the music shop. I was plugging in the amp, I started to play a rift. The guys ran in and looked at me. I was compleatly ignoring them as I set down the instrument and picked back up the sheet music.
"The I V and you hospital bed this was no accident this was a therapeutic chain of events
This is the scent of dead skin on a linoleum floor
This is the scent of quarantine wings in a hospital
It's not so pleasent and it's not so conventional
It sure as h311 aint normal
But we deal, we deal
The anistetic never set in and I'm wondering wear
The appithy and urgency is that I though I phoned in
It's not so pleasant and it's not so conventional
It sure as h311 aint normal
But we deal, we deal
Just sit back, Just sit back
Just sit back and relax
Just sit back and relapse agaain"
I broke off, I hadn't finished the song yet. Ryan looked shocked and Brendon started slowly clapping, they others joined in and Ryan said "I didn't know you wrote, or played." I nodded and grinned. Spencer looked at the others and said "Well we still need a song writer and lead guitarist."

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